[DL] Assistant Professor position in "Logic in AI" at VU Amsterdam

Stefan Schlobach k.s.schlobach at vu.nl
Wed Jul 20 12:18:48 CEST 2022

Dear DL colleagues,

The Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence group (KAI) seeks a new 
Assistant Professor
"Logic in Artificial Intelligence".  The KAI  group,  with roots in  
the  internationally
renowned Knowledge Representation and Reasoning research group of the VU 
researches  the  representation,  acquisition,  extraction  and 
management  of  explicitly
modelled,  mostly  symbolic,  knowledge  and  the  usage  of such  
knowledge  in  artificial
intelligent agents.

We want to strengthen our group with a colleague with enthusiasm for, 
and a track record
in research in (computational) Logic. For more details see:


The successful applicant will receive a career track appointment (1.5 
years) with a view to
a permanent position after a positive evaluation. The application 
deadline is 28/08/2022.

If you are interest in the position, please do not hesitate contacting 
us at
k.s.schlobach at vu.nl or i.tiddi at vu.nl.

Best regards



Stefan Schlobach
Associate Professor at Department of Computer Science
VU Amsterdam

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