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*** Call for participation ***

DaLí - Dynamic Logic: new trends and applications (DaLí 2022)
Workshop affiliated with LICS, as part of FLOC

A *free* and *online* event on the 31 July and 1 August 2022

DaLí is an online event exclusively dedicated to Dynamic Logics (broadly
conceived). Its aim is to bring together the community of colleagues which
share an interest in Dynamic logic - from Academia to Industry, from
Mathematics to Computer Science, - to promote their works, and  to foster
great discussions and new collaborations.

Follow the link below to register (free)


List of Invited Speakers
   * Marta Bílková (Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of
Sciences, CZ)
   * Nina Gierasimczuk (Technical University of Denmark, DK)
   * Elaine Pimentel (University College London, UK)
   * Fernando Velázquez Quesada (University of Bergen, NO)

List of Accepted Papers (alphabetical, by first author)
   * C. Areces, R. Fervari, A. Saravia and F. Velázquez-Quesada. First
Steps in Updating Knowing How
   * P. Balbiani. Parametrized modal logic: the unidimensional case
   * B. Bedregal, R. Santiago, M. Martins and A. Madeira. Relating Kleene
algebras with pseudo uninorms
   * V. Dolgorukov and M. Gladyshev. Dynamic Epistemic Logic for
Budget-Constrained Agents
   * R. Galimullin and T. Ågotnes. Action Models for Coalition Logic
   * T. Kawano. Quantum Logic for Observation of Physical Quantities
   * J. Lindqvist, F. Velázquez-Quesada and T. Ågotnes. Cautious
distributed belief
   * A. Ramírez Abarca and J. Broersen. A Stit Logic of Intentionality

List of Accepted Short Papers (alphabetical, by first author)
   * M. Tashiro, E. Pacuit and I. Canavotto. Public Announcement Logic with
   * E. Ternovska. Dynamic Logic for Descriptive Complexity
   * H. Wu, H. van Ditmarsch and J. Chen. A Labelled Sequent Calculus for
Public Announcement Logic

We look forward to meeting you all at DaLI 2022.

Diana Costa and Carlos Areces
DaLI 2021 Chairs.

Program Committee: T. Ågotnes (U. Bergen, NO), N. Alechina (Utrecht U.,
NL), C. Areces (U. Córdoba, AR), P. Balbiani (IRIT, FR), D. Costa (U.
Lisbon, PT), G. D'Agostino (U. Udine, IT), S. Demri (CNRS, FR), H. van
Ditmarsch (Open University, NL), R. Fervari (U. Córdoba, AR), S. Frittella
(LIFO, FR), N. Gierasimczuk (TU Denmark, DK), R. Goré (Vienna U. of
Technology, AU and Polish A. of Science, PO), R. Hennicker (LMU Munich,
DE), R. Hähnle (TU Darmstadt, DE), S. Knight (U. Minnesota, USA), C. Kupke
(U. Strathclyde, UK), S. Kuznetsov (Steklov Mathematical Institute, RU), A.
Madeira (U. Aveiro, PT), S. Marin (U. Birmingham, UK), M. Martins (U.
Aveiro, PT), L. Moss (Indiana University Bloomington, USA), C. Nalon (U.
Brasília, BR), N. Olivetti (Aix-Marseille U., FR), E. Pacuit (U. Maryland,
A. Palmigiano (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL), V. Punčochář (Czech
Academy of Sciences, CZ), K. Sano (Hokkaido U., JP), I. Sedlár (Czech
Academy of Sciences, CZ), R. Verbrugge (U. Groningen, NL), F. Wolter (U.
Liverpool, UK), S. Cerrito (U. d'Evry Val d'Essonne, FR),

Steering Committee: A. Baltag (U. Amsterdam, NL), A. Madeira (U. Aveiro,
PT), A. Herzig (IRIT, U. Paul Sabatier, FR), D. Harel (The Weizmann
Institute of Science, IL)
Dexter Kozen (Cornell U., USA), F. Liu (Tsinghua U., CH), J. van Benthem
(U. Amsterdam, NL), H. van Ditmarsch (Open University, NL), I. Sedlár
(Czech Academy of Sciences, CZ), L. Soares Barbosa (U. Minho, PT), M.
Martins (U. Aveiro, PT), M. Benevides (Federal U. Rio de Janeiro, BR), N.
Gierasimczuk (Technical University of Denmark, DM), S. Smets (U. Amsterdam,
NL), V. Pratt (Stanford U., USA)
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