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*Call for papers and participation!*
The Sixth Image Schema Day
Workshop on the 20-21 of January, 2022
On-site at Jönköping University, Sweden

*-- Comment on the COVID pandemic -- In Sweden 85% of the population is
vaccinated and the cases are kept relatively low despite the current
increased nr of cases, However, if the global situation continues to
worsen, ISD6 may be postponed until summer 2022 with the hope that things
have once calmed down by then. Accepted papers at that point, will
naturally also remain accepted despite any postponement. --*

After two years of hibernation, we are happy to announce that the Image
Schema Day (ISD6) is returning in its sixth reincarnation: at a new venue,
with new research, but with the same purpose.

In broad terms, image schemas are spatiotemporal relationships between
objects and agents that are learned in early infancy such as containment,
support and linkage. These relationships are hypothesised to construct the
information skeleton found in object affordances, linguistic and artistic
metaphors, the conceptualisation of event segmentation and analogical
reasoning. Traditionally studied in cognitive linguistics, these abstract
patterns gained increased interest to solve some of the semantic grounding
issues in AI and cognitive robotics, but are also a familiar sight in
interaction design, art and literary analysis, developmental psychology,
and gesture interpretation, to name but a few.

To offer a platform to discuss this topic across the disciplines, the
workshop* The Image Schema Day *was born in 2015, and so far, it gathered
researchers on five different occasions. The workshop is primarily a
networking event that invites researchers on image schemas and related
notions from a broad range of scientific disciplines to present their
research and discuss ideas for future projects. Unlike many other workshops
focused on different topics in one discipline or using one methodology, the
ISD6 invites researchers from all disciplines and methodologies but focuses
on one topic.

For the first time organised outside of Italy, the event will be held fully
on-site in the beautiful 1850's villa Mariedal that, since its renovation,
features as Jönköping University's representation venue. Jönköping is a
mid-sized town beautifully located between several lakes, tucked in the
deep Swedish forests and hilly-mountains. If we are lucky, January might
treat us to some white snow as well!

The workshop accepts three forms of *submissions with deadline
December 10 *(more
information can be found on the website):

   - Abstracts for presentation (2 pages) - (*NOTE*: *not included in the
   - Extended abstracts (at least 5 pages) of either preliminary work and
   ideas or summaries of previously published articles.
   - Research papers (5-10 pages) discussing novel research not published
   (or under review) at another venue.

Topics of interests with (the broadest of interpretation of) an
image-schematic focus include, but are not limited to:

   - conceptual metaphors
   - affordances
   - spatiotemporal reasoning
   - force dynamics
   - conceptual modelling
   - embodied and spatial cognition
   - general artificial intelligence
   - commonsense reasoning
   - analogical reasoning
   - cognitive robotics
   - interface design
   - art and literature analysis

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by a highly diverse PC and accepted
contributions will be included in the ISD6 proceedings (either as a
standalone volume or as part of the Joint Ontology Workshops JOWO - held
later in 2022). Submitted abstracts will have a chance to turn their
contributions into full research papers after the workshop. Papers that are
accepted after a second round of reviewing will be included in the

Please share this invitation with colleagues and students that you think
might be interested and consider joining us this January!

We are very much looking forward to seeing you in Jönkoping in January!
ISD6 organisers,
Maria M. Hedblom and Oliver Kutz
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