[DL] Preliminary Call for Applications: KR Doctoral Consortium (KR2021)

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Tue Feb 9 16:45:25 CET 2021

KR Doctoral Consortium Call for Applications

November 6-12, 2021

Hanoi, Vietnam


The 18th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge
Representation and Reasoning (KR 2021) invites PhD students to apply
for the Doctoral Consortium program.


The Doctoral Consortium (DC) is a student mentoring program bringing
together PhD students and senior researchers from the area of KR. The
aims of the consortium are:

* to provide a forum for students to present their current research,
   and receive feedback from other students and senior researchers;
* to promote contacts among PhD students working in similar areas;
* to support students with information and advice on academic,
   research, and industrial careers.

The DC is intended for PhD students who have a specific research
proposal and some preliminary results, but who have sufficient time
prior to completing their dissertation to benefit from the consortium
experience. Preference will be given to students satisfying these
criteria, but well-motivated applications from students who are at
earlier or later stages of their doctoral studies will still be

Accepted students will participate in several dedicated DC events,
which will likely consist of a lightning talk session, a poster session,
a mentoring lunch, and a DC invited talk (the precise format of the
DC will be finalized closer to the conference, and remote participation
will be allowed due to the global pandemic). Each student will be
given ample time to present their work and therefore be able to
fully benefit from direct feedback from the assigned senior researcher
mentor and the wider KR conference audience.


Applications must be submitted through the EasyChair conference system
(a link will be provided later). Each application must contain the
following elements combined into a single PDF document:

(1) Thesis summary. A description of the problem being addressed, your
     motivation for addressing the problem, proposed plan of research,
     the progress to date (what you have already achieved and what
     remains to be done), and related work. It must be four pages
     maximum and use the same style as for KR paper submissions.

(2) Curriculum Vitae. A description of your background and relevant
     experience (research, education, employment), of two pages

(3) Letter of recommendation. A letter from your thesis advisor that
     states that he/she supports your participation in the DC.

(4) Indication of whether a sponsored studentship is requested, and if
     so, whether the student volunteers to help with local organization
     during KR, DL, and NMR.

(5) Optionally, a suggestion of up to 5 potential mentors with similar
     research interests, who could give good advice on technical
     aspects related to the work, and/or career opportunities.

The selection process will consider the quality of the submitted
proposal and the stage of the student's PhD project.

Doctoral students who submit to the DC are permitted to have
previously published on their research, and are encouraged to submit
papers to KR 2021 and associated conferences and workshops.


Application deadline: June 30, 2021

Acceptance notification: July 21, 2021

Doctoral Consortium: November 6 - 12, 2021

For further information, please contact the DC chairs:

Jens Classen, Simon Fraser University (jens_classen at sfu.ca)
Magdalena Ortiz, TU Vienna (ortiz at kr.tuwien.ac.at)

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