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	19th International Semantic Web Conference 2020 (Nov 1 - 6)
	https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/>

will proceed as an online event next week (Workshops and Tutorials: Nov 1-2; Main conference: Nov 3-6). 

The detailed programme is available at: https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/conference/ <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/conference/>

Don't miss it!

Registration: https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/attending/registration/ <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/attending/registration/>

Highlights include:

Keynotes by:
 - Kavitha Srinivas (Researcher at IBM Research): Knowledge graphs – where do we go from here? <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/keynote-speaker-kavitha-srinivas/>
 - Lawrence Hunter (Prof. at Univ. of Colorado, School of Medicine): Knowledge-based Biomedical Data Science <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/lawrence-hunter/>
 - Guotong Xie (Chief Healthcare Scientist, Ping An Group): Transform Healthcare by Combining Knowledge Graph and Deep Learning Technologies <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/keynote-speaker-guotong-xie/>

Virtual presentations of:
 - 38 research papers <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/accepted-papers/#>
 - 21 resources papers <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/accepted-papers/#>
 - 21 in-use papers <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/accepted-papers/#>


Semantic Web Challenges <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/semantic-web-challenges/> 

Doctoral Consortium <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/dc-program/>

Posters & Demos sessions <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/posters-and-demos/> 

Vision track sessions <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/vision-track-speakers/>

Student engagement & mentoring session <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/student-engagement-and-mentoring-session/>

Workshops and Tutorials: 
The main conference is preceded by two full days of Workshops and Tutorials on November 1-2, 2020 (Sun-Mo):

WORKSHOPS <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/workshops/>:
- 11th Workshop on Ontology Design and Patterns (WOP 2020)
- 4th Workshop on Storing, Querying, and Benchmarking the Web of Data (QuWeDa 2020)
- The Semantic Web in Practice: Tools and Pedagogy (PRAXIS)
- 6th Workshop on Managing the Evolution and Preservation of the Data Web (MEPDaW 2020)
- 3rd International Workshop on Contextualized Knowledge Graphs (CKG 2020)
- 13th International Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (SSWS2020)
- Third International Workshop on Semantic Web Meets Health Data Management (SWH 2020)
- Wikidata Workshop
- The Sixth International Workshop on Natural Language Interfaces for the Web of Data (NLIWOD)
- 7th International Workshop on Dataset PROFlLing and Search (PROFILES 2020)
- VOILA 2020 – 5th International Workshop on Visualization and Interaction for Ontologies and Linked Data
- International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Legal Documents (AI4LEGAL)
- The Fifteenth International Workshop on Ontology Matching (OM-2020)
- Semantics for Online Misinformation Detection, Monitoring, and Prediction
- Harith Alani, Kalina Bontcheva, H. Sofia Pinto, Raphael Troncy and Freddy Lecue
- First workshop on Research data* management for linked open science (DaMaLOS)

TUTORIALS <https://iswc2020.semanticweb.org/program/tutorials/>:
- A Data Science Pipeline for Big Linked Earth Observation Data
- Scalable RDF Analytics with SANSA
- Knowledge Graph Construction using Declarative Mapping Rules
- Building Mobile Semantic Web Apps with Punya
- Semantic Explainability For All – SEMEX4ALL
- Pattern-based knowledge base construction (OTTR)
- SPARQL Endpoints and Web API (SWApi)
- Common Sense Knowledge Graphs (CSKGs)
- How to build large knowledge graphs efficiently (LKGT)
- Shapes applications and tools

Note that the deadline to submit your registration is Friday, October 30 at 12:00PM EDT.

	Looking forward to seeing you online at ISWC 2020!

The Organizing Committee of ISWC 2020.

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