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CADE-28: Call for Papers, Workshops, Tutorials and Competitions

The 28th International Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE-28)
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.  11-16th July 2021.

CADE will carefully monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, and take
guidance from from the health authorities, to determine whether CADE-28 will be
physical or online.

CADE is the major international forum for presenting research on all aspects of
automated deduction. High-quality submissions on the general topic of automated
deduction, including logical foundations, theory and principles, applications
in and beyond STEM, implementations, and the use/contribution of automated
deduction in AI, are solicited. CADE-28 aims to present research that reflects
the broad range of interesting and relevant topics in automated deduction.

Important Dates
+ Abstract deadline:        15 February 2021
+ Submission deadline:      22 February 2021
+ Rebuttal phase:            2 April    2021
+ Notification:             19 April    2021
+ Final version:            31 May      2021

Submissions can be made in two categories:
+ Regular papers. Up to 15 pages in LNCS style. Proofs of theoretical results
   that do not fit in the page limit may be provided in an appendix. Reviewers
   may consider additional material in appendices, but submissions must be self-
   contained within the page limit.
+ Short papers (including system descriptions, user experiences, domain models,
   etc.) Up to 10 pages in LNCS style.
Submissions must be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere.
They will be judged on relevance, originality, significance, correctness, and
readability. If software or data is relevant to a paper, a link that provides
access to the software/data must be provided to enable reproduction of results.
The review process will include a feedback/rebuttal period where authors will
have the option to respond to reviewer comments. The PC chairs may solicit
further reviews after the rebuttal period.

The proceedings of the conference will be published in the Springer LNCS/LNAI
series. Formatting instructions and the LNCS style files can be obtained at
Papers must be submitted to the CADE-28 track via

Workshop proposals for CADE-28 are solicited. The workshops will take place
before the conference. Both well-established workshops and newer ones are
encouraged. Similarly, proposals for workshops with a tight focus on a core
automated reasoning specialization, as well as those with a broader, more
applied focus, are welcome. Please provide the following information in your
application document:
+ Workshop title.
+ Names and affiliations of organizers.
+ Proposed workshop duration (from half a day to two days) and preferred day(s).
+ Brief description of the goals and the scope of the workshop. Why is the
   workshop relevant to CADE?
+ Is the workshop new or has it met previously? In the latter case information
   on previous meetings should be given (e.g., links to the program, number of
   submissions, number of participants).
+ What are the plans for publication?
+ Short statement regarding plans in case of an online conference.

Tutorial proposals for CADE-28 are solicited. The tutorials will take place
before the conference. Tutorials are expected to be either half-day or full-day
events, with a theoretical or applied focus, on a topic of interest to CADE-28.
Proposals should provide the following information:

+ Tutorial title.
+ Names and affiliations of organizers.
+ Proposed tutorial duration (from half to one day) and the preferred day.
+ Brief description of the tutorial's goals and topics to be covered.
+ Whether or not a version of the tutorial has been given previously, and
   if/how the intended presentation differs.
+ Short statement regarding plans in case of an online conference.

Within reason, CADE will take care of printing and distributing notes for
tutorials that would like this service.

The CADE ATP System Competition (CASC), which evaluates automated theorem
proving systems for classical logics, has become an integral part of the CADE
conferences. Further competition proposals are solicited. The goal is to foster
the development of automated reasoning systems and applications, in all areas
relevant to automated deduction in a broad sense. Proposals should include the
following information:

+ Competition title.
+ Names and affiliations of organizers.
+ Duration and schedule of the competition.
+ Room/space requirements.
+ Description of the competition task and the evaluation procedure.
+ Is the competition new or has it been organized before? In the latter case
   information on previous competitions should be given.
+ What computing resources are required and how will they be provided?
+ Short statement regarding plans in case of an online conference.

Important Dates

+ Submission deadline:       16 November 2020
+ Notification:              11 December 2020

Submission Instructions

Proposals for workshops, tutorials, and competitions must be submitted to the
CADE-28-WTC track via

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