[DL] CfP: Workshop on “Explainable Logic-Based Knowledge Representation” (XLoKR 2020) in conjunction with KR 2020

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Workshop on “Explainable Logic-Based Knowledge Representation” (XLoKR 2020)
in conjunction with KR 2020

- Franz Baader
- Gerhard Brewka
- Jörg Hoffmann
- Thomas Lukasiewicz
- Torsten Schaub

To make the behavior of knowledge-based systems comprehensible, they need to be able to explain 
their decisions. In principle, decisions based on logical reasoning are easy to explain since one can 
use a formal proof in an appropriate calculus to explain a positive reasoning result, and a counter-model 
to explain a negative one. In practice, however, things are not so easy since proofs and counter-models 
may be very large, and thus it may be hard to comprehend why they demonstrate a  certain result. 
In automated deduction, the problem of explaining why a consequence does or does not follow from a 
given set of axioms has been considered for a long time. In knowledge representation and reasoning, 
efforts in this direction are more recent, and were usually restricted to certain sub-areas of KR.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers from different sub-areas of KR and 
automated deduction that are working on explainability in their respective fields, with the goal of 
exchanging experiences and approaches. A non-exhaustive list of areas to be covered by the 
workshop are the following:
- AI planning
- Answer set programming
- Argumentation frameworks
- Automated reasoning
- Description logics
- Non-monotonic reasoning

Important dates:
Paper submission: 08 June 2020
Paper notification: 13 Juli 2020
Workshop dates: 12-14 September 2020 (one day, exact date to be announced)

Researchers interested in participating in the workshop should submit extended abstracts of 2-5 pages 
on topics related to explanation in logic-based KR. The workshop will have informal proceedings, and 
thus, in addition to new work, also papers covering results that have recently been published or will be 
published at other venues are welcome.

For more information see the website of the workshop:
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