[DL] Bordeaux International Summer School on AI

Meghyn Bienvenu meghyn.bienvenu at u-bordeaux.fr
Sun Mar 22 16:09:34 CET 2020

Hi everyone,

Please pass on this summer school announcement to PhD students who 
may be interested in participating.

While we do not know yet whether it will be possible to hold this summer school 
on the original dates (and this seems increasingly unlikely), it would still be 
helpful for organization purposes to hear from interested (potential) participants. 

Kind regards, 

Meghyn Bienvenu


[Apologies for multiple postings]


Artificial intelligence: Learning and reasoning, the best of both worlds


This summer school, open to doctoral students, consists of a
combination of lectures and practical sessions dedicated to the two
future pillars of artificial intelligence: machine learning and
symbolic reasoning.

The future of artificial intelligence technologies will almost surely
involve a combination of statistics and symbolic artificial
intelligence. Machine learning is key to perceiving the world and
discovering patterns that would otherwise be impossible to
detect. Symbolic reasoning enables sophisticated problem solving and
explainable decision making.

The school is scheduled to take place from June 24th to June 30th, 2020 
at the University of Bordeaux. It will be co-located with the RoboCup 2020
event (see https://2020.robocup.org/en/home/).

The following speakers have accepted to give courses:

 - Shai Ben-David (https://cs.uwaterloo.ca/~shai/)
 - Meghyn Bienvenu (https://www.labri.fr/perso/meghyn/)
 - Nathanaƫl Fijalkow (https://nathanael-fijalkow.github.io)
 - Lise Getoor (https://getoor.soe.ucsc.edu/home)
 - Joao Marques Silva (https://jpmarquessilva.github.io)

The practical sessions will be held in small groups (supervised by
Nathanaƫl Fijalkow, Laurent Simon and Akka Zemmari) and will allow
participants to entirely code their own Go player (bring your
laptops). A special platform with important ML capacities will be set
up and available to all students during the week.

The deadline for application was originally set to March 31st but will 
soon be extended. More details are available at:  


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