[DL] Job opportunity: KTP Associate in AI and Ontology Engineering at University of Liverpool

Tamma, Valentina V.Tamma at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Apr 16 13:40:55 CEST 2019


Deadline for application approaching: April 22nd 2019

The University of Liverpool and CSols Ltd (http://www.csols.com) are seeking to appoint a highly qualified and motivated individual to work on an Innovate UK funded, three-year collaborative Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project between CSols Ltd and the Department of Computer Science. 

CSols are a northwest based tech company specialising in Laboratory instrument software with a strong research and innovation focus. Working within CSols Ltd, and a team from the Department of Computer Science, successful applicants will realise a programme of work that will lead to a ground-breaking laboratory data access and utilisation system that will revolutionise the way that analytical laboratories operate. Successful applicants should have at least an MSc and a 2:1 degree or above, in computer science or closely related subjects; PhD applicants are encouraged. 
The programme of work includes the development of ontologies for the laboratory instrument software domain, based on existing linked-data schemas and other relevant ontologies. Background in ontology engineering is essential. Successful applicants should also have experience of conducting high quality computer science projects and be able to demonstrate sound software and ontology engineering skills and solid programming skills. 

The post is available for three years.

The full job description is available at:


For further information, contact V. Tamma (V.Tamma at liverpool.ac.uk)
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