[DL] 1st Call for Systems - ISWC 2019 Semantic Web Challenge on Tabular Data to Knowledge Graph Matching

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This is the 1st call for systems for the ISWC 2019 Semantic Web Challenge
on Tabular Data to Knowledge Graph Matching:

Tabular data to Knowledge Graph (KG) matching is the process of assigning
semantic tags from Knowledge Graphs (e.g., Wikidata or DBpedia) to the
elements of the table. This task however is often difficult in practice due
to metadata (e.g., table and column names) being missing, incomplete or

This challenge aims at benchmarking systems dealing with the tabular data
to KG matching problem, so as to facilitate their comparison on the same
basis and the reproducibility of the results.

Challenge Tasks

The challenge includes the following tasks organised into several
evaluation rounds:

    - Assigning a semantic type (e.g., a KG class) to a column: CTA task.
    - Matching a cell to a KG entity: CEA task.
    - Assigning a KG property to the relationship between two columns: CPA

The challenge will be run with the support of the AICrowd platform:

We encourage participants to submit a system paper. The paper should be no
more than 8 pages long and formatted using the LNCS Style. These papers are
not peer-reviewed, but they will revised by 1-2 challenge organisers.

Support for ontology alignment and link discovery

Ontology alignment and link discovery systems are welcome to participate.
We plan to create input data in OWL/RDF format to facilitate their

Challenge prizes

There will be prizes sponsored by SIRIUS (https://sirius-labs.no/) for the
best systems in the challenge.

The prize winners will be announced during the ISWC conference (on October
30, 2019). We will take into account all evaluation rounds specially the
one running till the conference dates.

Important dates
    April 15: Round 1 opens.
    June 15: Round 1 closes.
    June 16: Round 2 opens.
    July 7: Round 2 closes.
    July 8: Best participants in Rounds 1 and 2 are invited to present
their results during ISWC conference and the Ontology Matching workshop.
    July 9: Round 3 opens (tentative).
    August 29: System paper submissions (tentative).
    October 20: Round 3 closes.
    October 26 or 27: Ontology Matching workshop.
    October 30: Challenge Presentation and prize announcement.


This track is organised by Kavitha Srinivas (IBM Research), Ernesto
Jimenez-Ruiz (Alan Turing Institute; University of Oslo), Oktie Hassanzadeh
(IBM Research) and Jiaoyan Chen (University of Oxford). If you have any
problems working with the datasets or any suggestions related to this
challenge, do not hesitate to contact us.

Challenge committee members

    Udayan Khurana (IBM Research)
    Erik Bryhn Myklebust (University of Oslo)
    Vasilis Efthymiou (IBM Research)
    Monika Solanki (Agrimetrics)
    Ole Magnus Holter (University of Oslo)
    Pedro Szekely (University of Southern California)
    Basil Ell (University of Bielefeld; University of Oslo)
    Marco Cremaschi (University of Milano - Bicocca)


The challenge is currently supported by the AIDA project, the SIRIUS Centre
for Research-driven Innovation, and IBM Research.

Ernesto Jiménez-Ruiz
Senior Research Associate
(1) The Alan Turing Institute, London, UK
(2) SIRIUS Centre for Scalable Data Access, University of Oslo, Norway
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