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*************** WEB SCIENCE SUMMER SCHOOL 2018, Hannover, Germany 

The Web Science Summer School 2018 (WWSSS’18) will be held in Hannover, 
Germany. It is hosted by L3S Research Center and will take place from 
30.07.18 till 04.08.18.

Web Science is the emergent study of the people and technologies, 
applications, processes and practices that shape and are shaped by the 
World Wide Web. Web Science aims to draw together theories, methods and 
findings from across academic disciplines, and to collaborate with 
industry, business, government and civil society, to develop our 
knowledge and understanding of the Web: the largest socio-technical 
infrastructure in human history.

Web Science requires mining and understanding data from the Web, 
requiring both technical skills for handling big (Web) data as well as 
fundamental understanding of the social, psychological or legal aspects 
underpinning online activities.
The WWSSS’18 will address the inter-disciplinary field of Web Science by 
focusing on lectures which tackle the aforementioned challenges in 
topics such as data science and data mining, big data processing, 
information retrieval, Web governance as well as the sociology and 
psychology of online interactions.

Alongside lectures that will address major trends in Web Science, the 
Summer School will provide hands-on training in data processing, 
analysis and methods, team work, and opportunities to present current 
research. Participants shall work on specific tasks linked to the 
datasets provided, and will be mentored by local instructors. All teams 
will present the results of their work on the last day of the school.

Speakers, tutors and the full program are currently being finalized. 
Registration for the summer school will be made open for everyone. In 
addition, there will be a selection process for a few scholarships that 
will be awarded to students to cover participation costs.
Follow the updates at http://wwsss18.webscience.org/, and do not miss 
the chance to be a part of this enriching experience! Please feel free 
to contact the chairs of the summer school or the local organization 
team if you have any queries.


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