[DL] UNILOG'2018 - World Congress and School on Universal Logic - Vichy, France - December 1st, deadline for early registration

Christophe REY christophe.rey at uca.fr
Thu Nov 30 10:41:44 CET 2017

December 1st, i.e this coming Friday, is the deadline for early 
registration at UNILOG'2018
the 6th World Congress and School on Universal Logic
that will take place in Vichy, June 16-26, 2018

June 16-20 will be the school with 30 tutorials on all aspects of logic:
- Aristotle and the Principle of Contradiction
- Stoic Logic
- Dialectics
- Mathematics and Logic in Ancient Greece
- C.S. Peirce’s Logic of Relations
- Medieval Logic
- Louis Couturat: Early symbolic logic and the dream of a 
characteristica universalis
- Lesniewski's Evolutional Logic
- Wittgenstein's Logic
- Tractarian Logic and Semantic Technologies
- Logic of Desires
- Analogical Reasoning
- Logic of Lying
- Logic in the Brain
- The Adventures of the Turnstile
- Logic, Argument and Agreement
- Lindenbaum Method
- Logic and Religion
- Unified Logics
- The Inconsistency Theory of Truth  and Nominalistic Mathematics
- On Logical Modeling of the Information Fusion
- The Theory of Topos-Theoretic ‘bridges’: an Introduction
- MTT: A Framework for Defining and Implementing Logics
- Logic and Computer Programming
- Weak Arithmetics and Applications
- Logic-Based Reasoning for Information Integration and Data Linkage
- Complexity of Model Checking for Fragments of First-Order Logic
- Reasoning on data: the ontology-mediated query answering problem
- Sign, Meaning, Reference: A Semiotic Epistemology for Conceptual 

June 21-26 there will be the congress with 20 workshops
- Logical Geometry
- Practices of Writing and Reading in Logic
- Proof Theory
- Logic and Music
- The Logic of Social Practices
- Model Theory
- Logical Correctness
- Around Peirce
- The Lvov-Warsaw School: Past, Present and Future
- Reflections on Paraconsistency
- Logic, Probability, and their Generalizations
- Logic for Dynamic Real-World Information
- Naming Logic(s)
- Logics and Metalogics
- Sociology and Anthropology of Logic: Past and Present
- Hintikka’s Logical Thought
- Logic for Children
- Categories and Logic
- Logic, Law and Legal Reasoning
- Logic and Physics

There will be 45 keynote speakers from all over the world.
See the complete list here

For this edition we will have a special session of LOGIC PRIZES

We have now a facebook page with a welcoming video
This page will regularly be updated with additional videos:
about Vichy, special features of the event, interviews, etc
It is produced by Marion, Zakaria and Yanis
students of the Multimedia and Internet Program,
of  UCA - University  Clermont Auvergne, at
Vichy campus of Allier Technological Institute.

You are welcome to join us in Vichy !
Jean-Yves Beziau and Christophe Rey
Organizers of UNILOG'2018
Vichy, France, June 16-26-2018

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