[DL] CICM 2017, Doctoral Programme, Extended Submission Deadline 9. June 2017

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     Extended Deadline for Submissions to the Doctoral Programme

        10th Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics
                            - CICM 2017 -
                           July 17-21, 2017
                  University of Edinburgh, Scotland

 * Submission deadline (Abstract + CV):        9. June 2017 (extended)
 * Notification of acceptance:    	      12. June 2017 (extended)
Further information see below

Invited Speakers at CICM 2017
  - Alan Bundy (University of Edinburgh)
  - Przemysław Chojecki (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  - Grant Olney Passmore (University of Cambridge)

Digital and  computational solutions are becoming  the prevalent means
for the generation, communication, processing, storage and curation of
mathematical  information.  Separate  communities  have  developed  to
investigate  and build  computer based  systems for  computer algebra,
automated deduction, and mathematical publishing as well as novel user
interfaces. While all of these systems excel in their own right, their
integration  can   lead  to   synergies  offering   significant  added
value.  The  Conference  on Intelligent  Computer  Mathematics  (CICM)
offers a  venue for discussing  and developing solutions to  the great
challenges posed by the integration of these diverse areas.

CICM has been held annually as a joint meeting since 2008, co-locating
related   conferences  and   workshops  to   advance  work   in  these
subjects. Previous  meetings have been  held in Birmingham  (UK 2008),
Grand Bend (Canada 2009), Paris (France 2010), Bertinoro (Italy 2011),
Bremen (Germany  2012), Bath (UK  2013), Coimbra (Portugal  2014),
Washington DC (USA 2015) and Bialystok (Poland 2016).

This  is a  call for  papers  for CICM  2017,  which will  be held  in
Edinburgh, Scotland, July 17-21, 2017. CICM 2017 also invites work-in-
progress papers.

The principal tracks of the conference are:

* Track: Calculemus (chair: Matthew England)
* Track: Digital Mathematical Libraries (DML) (chair: Olaf Teschke)
* Track: Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM) (chair: Florian Rabe)
* Track: Systems & Data (chair: Osman Hasan)
* Track: Doctoral Programme (chair: Adnan Rashid)

The overall programme is organized by the General Program Chair Herman
Geuvers.  The  local  arrangements  are  coordinated  by  Jacques
Fleuriot.  The publicity chair is Serge Autexier.

CICM is  also an excellent  opportunity for graduate students  to meet
established researchers from the  areas of computer algebra, automated
deduction, and mathematical publishing.

The Doctoral Programme provides a  dedicated forum for PhD students to
present  and discuss  their ideas,  ongoing or  planned research,  and
achieved  results   in  an  open   atmosphere.  It  will   consist  of
presentations  by  the  PhD  students to  get  constructive  feedback,
advice, and suggestions from the research advisory board, researchers,
and  other PhD  students.  Each PhD  student will  be  assigned to  an
experienced researcher from  the research advisory board  who will act
as a mentor and who will provide detailed feedback and advice on their
intended and ongoing research.

Submission to the doctoral programs are possible until 9. June, details
of the submission process are given below.

*Important Dates*
 - Submission deadline (Abstract + CV):         9. June 2017 (extended)
 - Notification of acceptance:    	       12. June 2017 (extended)

 - Submission by e-mail to the DP chair Adnan Rashid
   Email: adnan.rashid at seecs.edu.pk 
   Web: http://save.seecs.nust.edu.pk/adnanrashid/

More details on the conference are available from


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