[DL] QBFEVAL'17 - Preliminary Call for Benchmarks

Luca Pulina lpulina at uniss.it
Tue Dec 6 10:56:16 CET 2016

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QBFEVAL'17 - Competitive evaluation of QBF solvers

Preliminary Call for Benchmarks

A joint event with SAT 2017 - The 20th International Conference on 
Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing, 28 August - 1 
September 2017, Melbourne, Australia


QBFEVAL'17 will be the 2017 competitive evaluation of QBF solvers, and 
the twelfth evaluation of QBF solvers and instances ever. QBFEVAL'17 
will award solvers that stand out as being particularly effective on 
specific categories of QBF instances.

People using QBF-based techniques in their area (e.g., formal 
verification, planning, knowledge reasoning) are invited to contribute 
to the evaluation by submitting QBF instances of their research 
problems. Instances can be submitted in QDIMACS 1.1 input format 
(http://www.qbflib.org/qdimacs.html) and/or in QCIR input format 

The deadline for benchmarks submission is May 15th 2017.

For details, questions, comments and any other issue regarding 
QBFEVAL'17, please get in touch with qbf17 at qbflib.org.

Organizing committee

Luca Pulina, University of Sassari
Martina Seidl, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

Olaf Beyersdorff, University of Leeds
Daniel Le Berre, Université d'Artois
Christoph Wintersteiger, Microsoft Research Limited

Luca Pulina, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

POLCOMING - Department of Political Science, Communication, Engineering and Information Technologies
University of Sassari
e-mail lpulina at uniss.it

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