[DL] ECAI2016: Presenting AIckathon - the 1st AI hackathon

Suzan Verberne s.verberne at cs.ru.nl
Mon Jul 25 10:36:44 CEST 2016

Can you explain AI and answer questions on the *“ethical and societal
aspects of AI”* to the general public using data from previous AI
conferences and from online resources?

We challenge you to form a team and join the AIckathon, that starts on 1st
August 2016, with results to be presented at ECAI on 29 August.

IBM Center for Advanced Studies Benelux
<https://www.research.ibm.com/university/cas/benelux/index.html> has made
available a cash prize of 500 euros for the best team.

All information on the ECAI AIckathon is available at

Follow us on Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/ECAI2016/> and Twitter

Suzan Verberne, researcher
Centre for Language and Speech Technology
Radboud University Nijmegen
Tel: 0031 24 36 53431/15775
Email: s.verberne at let.ru.nl
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