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BigDat 2016

Bilbao, Spain

February 8-12, 2016


Organized by:

DeustoTech, University of Deusto

Rovira i Virgili University





--- Regular registration deadline: February 5, 2016 ---





BigDat 2016 will be a research training event addressed to graduates and postgraduates in the first steps of their academic career. With a global scope, it aims at updating them about the most recent advances in the critical and fast developing area of big data, which covers a large spectrum of current exciting research and industrial innovation with an extraordinary potential for a huge impact on scientific discoveries, medicine, engineering, business models, and society itself. Renowned academics and industry pioneers will lecture and share their views with the audience.


Most big data subareas will be displayed, namely: foundations, infrastructure, management, search and mining, security and privacy, and applications. Main challenges of analytics, management and storage of big data will be identified through 4 keynote lectures, 18 six-hour courses, and 1 round table, which will tackle the most active and promising topics. The organizers are convinced that outstanding speakers will attract the brightest and most motivated students. Interaction will be a main component of the event. An open session will give participants the opportunity to present their own work in progress in 5 minutes.



Graduates and postgraduates from around the world. There are no formal pre-requisites in terms of academic degrees. However, since there will be differences in the course levels, specific knowledge background may be assumed for some of them. BigDat 2016 is also appropriate for more senior people who want to keep themselves updated on recent developments and future trends. All will surely find it fruitful to listen and discuss with major researchers, industry leaders and innovators.



In addition to keynotes, 2-3 courses will run in parallel during the whole event. Participants will be able to freely choose the courses they will be willing to attend as well as to move from one to another.



BigDat 2016 will take place in Bilbao, the capital of the Basque Country region, famous for its gastronomy and the seat of the Guggenheim Museum. The venue will be:


DeustoTech, School of Engineering

University of Deusto

Avda. Universidades, 24

48014 Bilbao



Nektarios Benekos (European Organization for Nuclear Research), Role of Computing and Software in Particle Physics


Chih-Jen Lin (National Taiwan University), When and When Not to Use Distributed Machine Learning


Jeffrey Ullman (Stanford University), Theory of MapReduce Algorithms


Alexandre Vaniachine (Argonne National Laboratory), Big Data Technologies and Data Science Methods in the Higgs Boson Discovery



Nektarios Benekos (European Organization for Nuclear Research), [introductory/intermediate] Exploring the Mysteries of our Cosmos: the Big Deal between Big Data and Big Science


Hendrik Blockeel (KU Leuven), [intermediate] Decision Trees for Big Data Analytics


Nello Cristianini (University of Bristol), [introductory] THINKBIG: Towards Large Scale Computational Social Sciences, History and Digital Humanities


Ernesto Damiani (University of Milan & EBTIC/Khalifa University), [introductory/intermediate] Architectures, Models and Tools for Big-Data-as-a-Service


Francisco Herrera (University of Granada), [introductory] Big Data Preprocessing


George Karypis (University of Minnesota), [intermediate/advanced] Scaling Up Recommender Systems


Chih-Jen Lin (National Taiwan University), [introductory/intermediate] Large-scale Linear Classification


Geoff McLachlan (University of Queensland), [intermediate/advanced] Big Data Extensions of Some Methods of Classification and Clustering


Wladek Minor (University of Virginia), [introductory/intermediate] Big Data in Biomedical Sciences


Raymond Ng (University of British Columbia), [introductory/intermediate] Mining and Summarizing Text Conversations


Sankar K. Pal (Indian Statistical Institute), [introductory/advanced] Machine Intelligence and Granular Mining: Relevance to Big Data


Erhard Rahm (University of Leipzig), [introductory/intermediate] Scalable and Privacy-preserving Data Integration


Hanan Samet (University of Maryland), [introductory/intermediate] Sorting in Space: Multidimensional, Spatial, and Metric Data Structures for Applications in Spatial Databases, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Location-based Services


Jaideep Srivastava (Qatar Computing Research Institute), [intermediate] Social Computing: Computing as an Integral Tool to Understanding Human Behavior and Solving Problems of Social Relevance


Jeffrey Ullman (Stanford University), [introductory] Big Data Algorithms that Aren't Machine Learning


Alexandre Vaniachine (Argonne National Laboratory), [introductory/advanced] Big Data: Comparison with Computational Models


Xiaowei Xu (University of Arkansas, Little Rock), [introductory/advanced] Big Data Analytics for Social Networks


Mohammed J. Zaki (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), [introductory/intermediate] Large Scale Graph Analytics and Mining



An open session will collect 5-minute presentations of work in progress by participants. They should submit a half-page abstract containing title, authors, and summary of the research to adrian.dediu (at) urv.cat by February 5, 2016.



Adrian Horia Dediu

Carlos Martín-Vide (co-chair)

Iker Pastor López (co-chair)

Borja Sanz (co-chair)

Florentina Lilica Voicu



It has to be done at




The selection of up to 8 courses requested in the registration template is only tentative and non-binding. For the sake of organization, it will be helpful to have an approximation of the respective demand for each course.


Since the capacity of the venue is limited, registration requests will be processed on a first come first served basis. The registration period will be closed and the on-line registration facility disabled when the capacity of the venue will be complete. It is much recommended to register prior to the event.



Participants are expected to attend full-time. Fees are a flat rate allowing the attendance to all courses during the week. There are several early registration deadlines. Fees depend on the registration deadline.



Suggestions of accommodation are available on the webpage.



Participants will be delivered a certificate of attendance.



florentinalilica.voicu (at) urv.cat



University of Deusto

Rovira i Virgili University
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