[DL] Monotonicity and Conservative extension Of OWL 2 DL

Leila Bayoudhi bayoudhileila at yahoo.fr
Wed Aug 19 23:41:55 CEST 2015

Hi,Since OWL 2 is based on description Logics, let me know please more about the two notions   
   - Conservative extension: this concept means that we should not infere axioms that where were not entailed before an information addition? Is it true what I am saying?
   - Monotonicity: additional information to an ontology should not make loose old entailments. Is it true?   
m I saying true things? Can you correct for me the two concepts in the context of adding knowldge to an an OWL 2 DL ontology? Does this addition should respect these two principles? Are they related in a some way to ontology consistency?   
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