[DL] CICM 2015 Doctoral Programme [2nd Call for Applications]

Muhammad Umair Siddique muh_sidd at encs.concordia.ca
Fri Apr 17 07:38:24 CEST 2015


		    CICM 2015 Doctoral Programme
			    13-17 July 2015
		          Washington DC, USA


The  CICM conferences Calculemus, DML, and MKM  bring together
researchers  from  the  areas  of  Artificial  Intelligence,  computer
algebra,  automated  deduction, and  mathematical  publishing who  are
interested  in  intelligent  mathematical  computation.   It  provides
students  an  excellent opportunity  to  get  an  overview of  ongoing
research, challenges and meet established researchers.

The Doctoral Programme provides a  dedicated forum for PhD students to
present  and discuss  their ideas,  ongoing or  planned  research, and
achieved  results   in  an  open  atmosphere.   It   will  consist  of
presentations  by  the  PhD  students to  get  constructive  feedback,
advice, and suggestions from the research advisory board, researchers,
and  other PhD  students.  Each  PhD student  will be  assigned  to an
experienced researcher  from the research advisory board  who will act
as a mentor and who will provide detailed feedback and advice on their
intended and ongoing research.


Students at  any stage of  their PhD can  apply and should  submit the
following documents:

* A  two-page  abstract  of   your  thesis  describing  your  research
    questions,  research   plans,  completed  and   remaining  research,
    evaluation plans and publication plans;

* A   two-page  CV   that  includes   background   information  (name,
    university,  supervisor), education  (degree sought,  year/status of
    degree, previous degrees), employments, relevant research experience
    (publications,  presentations,  attended  conferences or  workshops,

Acceptance of applications will be  based on relevance with respect to
the topics of the CICM conference.

A limited  number of  student grants will  be available for  the
conference.  To  apply, please  indicate  this  when submitting  your
proposal  including a  short explanation  why  you need  a grant.  The
decision for the grants will be based on necessity and merit.


Submission of applications:        May 4, 2015
Notification of acceptance:        May 25, 2015

For   any   further    questions   please   contact   Umair Siddique
(muh_sidd at ece.concordia.ca)

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