[DL] Ontop 1.12: New Release

Rezk Martin Ignacio (A) mrezk at inf.unibz.it
Fri Jun 27 11:26:08 CEST 2014

We are happy to announce the availability of

               -ontop- v.1.12

a Java framework to query ontologies with mappings to databases.

If you are interested in virtual RDF graphs, R2RML mappings and/or
RDFS/OWL2QL reasoning, then -ontop- is for you. The system implements
the cutting edge SPARQL-to-SQL and query optimisation techniques that
allow it to answer SPARQL queries using SQL databases while obtaining
great  performance.

With -ontop-, you don't need to move your data from your already
efficient database in order to enjoy the benefits of the RDF data
model, the
SPARQL query language or RDF/OWL2QL inference. And there is no need
for expensive ETL or forward/backward chaining either.

You can use -ontop- as an API, a SPARQL end-point, or as a Protege plugin.

The highlights of this new release include:
*  Support for  finding Empty concepts and Properties
*  Integration with a new R2RML API
*  Less restrictive mode for JDBC driver validation
*  Faster TBox reasoner implemenation
*  Optional "Replace" Statement in the SQL translation. When "Replace" is off the SQL performs much better.
*  Several Bug Fixes:
** Issue with 'true' in Oracle
** Meta-mapping editing in Protege
** Probelm with regex in Oracle
** Several issues with R2RML

-ontop- is work in progress, and has several rough edges. However,
given the number of currently stable features, and the latests
benchmark results, we think it might be interesting for you to give it
a test drive. The system is available for free at


Please, try it out and help us improve it by sending us your feedback.
Tell us how YOU are using -ontop-!

The -ontop- development team





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