[DL] Final Call for Participation KR 2014: 14th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

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                       FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPATION 

                            *** KR 2014 ***

                    14th International Conference on
          Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

                            Vienna, Austria 
                          July 20 - 24,  2014

   ***  REGISTRATION: http://www.kr.tuwien.ac.at/events/kr2014/  ***


Co-located with 
 DL 2014 [http://www.dbai.tuwien.ac.at/dl2014/], 
 NMR 2014 [http://www.kr.tuwien.ac.at/nmr14], 
 KR4HC [http://banzai-deim.urv.net/events/KR4HC-2014/],
 FLoC 2014 [http://vsl2014.at/logic-in-computer-science/]
       (CAV, CSF, ICLP, IJCAR, ITP, LICS, RTA, SAT), and 
 Logic Colloquium 2014 [http://www.logic.at/lc2014/].

KR 2014 is part of Vienna Summer of Logic [http://vsl2014.at/]

KR Registrants can participate in all sessions of the Vienna Summer of Logic at
the days they are registered for. 

Reduced fees for joint registration with DL 2014 or NMR 2014 are available.



 *  Early Registration ends:   June  8,    2014
 *  Late Registration ends:    June 30,    2014
 *  On-Site Registration:      July 12-23, 2014 
 *  Conference Date:           July 20-24, 2014



Keynote Talks:

- "Ontology-Based Monitoring of Dynamic Systems"
  Franz Baader, TU Dresden, Germany 
  (joint keynote speaker with Vienna Summer of Logic - supported by ECCAI)

- "Situation Calculus: The last 15 years" ("Great Moments in KR" lecture)
  Sheila McIlraith,  University of  Toronto, Canada 

- "Datalog+/- : Questions and Answers"
  Georg Gottlob, University of Oxford, UK

- "Knowledge Representation meets Computer Vision: 
  from Pixels to Symbolic Activity Descriptions"
  Anthony Cohn, University of Leeds, UK  


- "Natural Language Understanding with World Knowledge and Inference"
  Ekaterina Ovchinnikova, University of Southern California, US

- "Verification of Multi-Agent Systems against Epistemic Specifications"
  Alessio Lomuscio, Imperial College London, UK

- "Query Answering and Rewriting in Ontology-Based Data Access"
  Riccardo Rosati, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

- "Dynamic Epistemic Logic and its Interaction with Knowledge Representation"
  Lawrence S. Moss, Indiana University, US

Cutting Edge Research Papers:

- 58 Long Technical Papers
- 25 Short Technical Papers
- Complete listing at http://www.kr.tuwien.ac.at/events/kr2014/?p=papers


- The 2014 Ray Reiter Best Paper Prize 
  (sponsored by the Artificial Intelligence Journal)
- The 2014 Marco Cadoli Student Paper Prize
- Kurt Gödel Research Prize Fellowships 

KR 2014 Doctoral Consortium:
- The Doctoral Consortium is a student mentoring program that introduces 
  students to senior researchers with similar research interests.  Students 
  will present their work in a poster session.

VSL'2014 Highlights during KR 2014:

- VSL Keynote Talk by Edmund Clarke
- VSL Public Lecture on the Vienna Circle



Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR&R) is a well-established and vibrant 
field of research.  KR&R techniques are key drivers of innovation in computer 
science, and they have led to significant advances in practical applications in 
a wide range of areas from Artificial Intelligence to Software Engineering. 
The underlying approach of explicitly representing knowledge in a tangible form, 
suitable for processing by dedicated reasoning engines, is a fundamental 
component of many modern intelligent systems. Foundational and applied research 
in KR&R contributes to the principles of artificial intelligence.  It also 
contributes to the foundations of longstanding fields including automated 
planning, databases, and software engineering. In recent years KR&R has also 
derived challenges from new and emerging fields including the semantic web, 
computational biology, and the development of software agents.

The KR conference series is a leading forum for timely in-depth presentation of 
progress in the theory and principles underlying the representation and 
computational management of knowledge.  The 2014 edition will be held as part 
of the Vienna Summer of Logic together with the Federated Conference on Logic, 
Logic Colloquium and other related events.  The Vienna Summer of Logic is 
expected to be the largest convention in the history of logic.



General Chair:       Thomas Eiter (TU Vienna, Austria)
Program Chairs:      Chitta Baral (Arizona State U, USA)
                     Giuseppe De Giacomo (U "La Sapienza", Italy)
Local Organization:  Michael Fink (TU Vienna, Austria)
                     Stefan Woltran (TU Vienna, Austria)
Doctoral Consortium: Birte Glimm (U Ulm, Germany) 
                     Adrian Pearce (U Melbourne, Australia)
Sponsorship:         Marco Maratea (U Genova, Italy)


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