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== Concept Invention, Generation, Adaptation, and Representation (CIGAR) @ FOIS 2014 ==


The submission deadline for the workshop has been postponed by one week to Thursday, May 22, 2014!


Concepts, their acquisition, representation, generation, and adaptation stand in the focus of research in several different areas spanning a very diverse range of fields and disciplines: From artificial intelligence and computational creativity, through cognitive science, psychology and the learning sciences/pedagogics, to theoretical and formal philosophy.

In this workshop, we want to shed light on several different key aspects of a concept's life cycle: 
- Ontological status corresponding mode of existence
- Formal ontologists' understanding of concepts: Psychological entities, aspects of reality, categories posited by an ontology,...
- Concept representation: Suitable KR paradigms/formalisms in a computational context, "natural" concept representation in the mind or brain from a psychological/neuroscientific point of view
- Concept generation: Automatic creation of concept descriptions in a computational context, concept acquisition in a psychological context/the learning sciences
- Concept invention, semantic content generation, concept formation, and concept combination
- Concept adaptation to altered environments/contexts, effect of context changes for concepts, relationship between concept and context

Due to the mutually interlinked nature of the different questions, we are convinced that an interdisciplinary approach (including all different perspectives represented within the FOIS community) to answering them will provide a meaningful basis for valuable discussions addressing both, the individual issues as well as the deeply rooted connections between them.


The workshop prominently and directly relates to the following topics in scope of FOIS 2014:
- Foundational Issues: Formal relations; Space, time, and change.
- Methodological issues: Relationship with cognition, language and semantics; Formal comparison among ontologies; Ontology integration and alignment.
- Application: Ontological foundations for conceptual modeling; Knowledge management; Qualitative modeling; Computational linguistics; Information Retrieval; Semantic Web, Web services.

The workshop will take an interdisciplinary approach to concept invention, generation, adaptation, and representation, trying to bridge between the different listed subtopics in order to provide the basis for cross-topical approaches and discussions.


The presentation of invited lectures (keynotes) and peer-reviewed papers including discussions and panels will be the primary format of the workshop. Additionally, this workshop encourages researchers not only to present research papers but also position papers and the discussion on controversial problems and questions.

The workshop is planned as a full-day workshop with three sessions at 2 hours per session. Each session starts with a 30 minutes talk of an invited speaker. Afterwards we will have three 20 minutes paper presentations and finish with a 30 minutes panel discussion of the speakers. 


Anybody with an interest in the questions raised above is invited to submit a research or position paper as
basis for discussions during the workshop. Submissions should be sent to Tarek R. Besold (cigar at cogsci.uos.de).


Paper submission deadline: 22nd of May, 2014
Notification of acceptance: 27th of June, 2014
Camera-ready versions: 7th of July, 2014


Initial submissions for reviewing must not exceed 14 pages (including the bibliography) and include an abstract of no more than 300 words. Papers should be submitted non-anonymously and be prepared in PDF format in accordance with the IOS formatting guidelines found at: http://www.iospress.nl/service/authors/latex-and-word-tools-for-book-authors/


Accepted papers will be published online in the "Publication Series of the Institute of Cognitive Science" (PICS, ISSN 1610-5389), a scientific series from the Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrück, unless the authors instruct us otherwise.


The workshop website is available at: http://www.cogsci.uos.de/~cigar/


Organizing Committee:
- Tarek R. Besold, University of Osnabrück
- Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, University of Osnabrück

Program Committee:

- Alan Bundy, University of Edinburgh
- Aleksandra Sojic, ITIA, CNR, Milan
- Daniele Porello, LOA/ISTC, CNR, Trento
- Dedre Gentner, Northwestern University
- Frank Jäkel, University of Osnabrück
- Günther Görz, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
- Marcus Kracht, University of Bielefeld
- Maricarmen Martinez Baldares, University of the Andes, Bogotá
- Markus Guhe, University of Edinburgh
- Mehul Bhatt, University of Bremen
- Meir Buzaglo, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
- Nicola Guarino, LOA/ISTC, CNR, Trento
- Pascal Hitzler, Wright State University, Dayton
- Perrine Pittet, CNRS, Dijon
- Sebastian Rudolph, Dresden University of Technology
- Ute Schmid, University of Bamberg
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