[DL] Logical Methods in CS: ten years

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Fri May 2 10:11:11 CEST 2014

Dear All,

This year our journal Logical Methods in Computer Science
celebrates its tenth anniversary, and we would like to use this opportunity to 
remind everyone of this successful community effort.
We also have some news about the future of the journal.

The first papers were submitted to LMCS in 2004, with 16 papers being published 
the following year. Since then, submission numbers have steadily increased, and 
last year the number of published papers was 75! We are also proud that many 
high quality conferences such as LICS, FOSSACS, RTA, CSL, and others regularly 
publish their special issues in our journal. This success has only been 
possible thanks to the support of the community: from you; from the authors; 
from the reviewers; from the editors; and  from our sponsors. But today our 
special thanks go to Dana Scott who has been our editor-in-chief for the last 
ten years, and whose ideas and contributions have been essential to us 

Turning from the past to the future, Jiri Adamek will retire in 2016, and with 
his departure we will lose our current publishing arrangements. So we have 
begun to put in place a structure which will ensure a well-established and 
secure future for the journal. To this end we have formed an Executive Board. 
The current members of the Board are Luca Aceto, Rajeev Alur, Lars Birkedal, 
Prakash Panangaden, Wolfgang Thomas, and ourselves. The Board has appointed a 
new editor-in-chief, Lars Birkedal, who has taken over from Dana. Lars will 
oversee the transition to the new arrangements and take over Jiri's editorial 
duties when he retires. We are enormously grateful to Lars for taking on this 
role. Lars and the Executive Board will work  to ensure the future success of 
our journal and to provide the community with a high quality open-access 
publication venue.

With best wishes,

Jiri Adamek, Stefan Milius, Benjamin Pierce, Gordon Plotkin, and Moshe Vardi
Managing Editors

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