[DL] [Last Call] PhD/PostDoc school on "Change in Ontologies and Databases" (29-31 January 2014) in Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

Enrico Franconi franconi at inf.unibz.it
Fri Dec 20 03:22:48 CET 2013

Research School on the 
Foundations and Challenges of Change in Ontologies and Databases
29-31 January 2014 - Bozen-Bolzano, Italy


PhD students and PostDoc fellows are invited to apply to the research school on the "Foundations and Challenges of Change in Ontologies and Databases", to be held on 29-31 January 2014 in Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. This is the follow-up of a successful Dagstuhl seminar held last year <http://www.dagstuhl.de/en/program/calendar/semhp/?semnr=12441>. This year the event will be oriented towards students and postdocs. There will be five half-day sessions (listed below). The students/postdocs will be split in small groups, and each group will be responsible to organise a survey talk within a specific session; each group will be given appropriate reading material in advance. In the rest of each session there will be survey/tutorial/advanced presentations by some of the seniors and many discussions.

The five sessions are:

	▪	Ontology revisions, versioning, diffs, and non-monotonic aspects;
	▪	The logic of updates, active rules, and triggers in databases;
	▪	Foundations and challenges in temporal and stream data;
	▪	Modelling and reasoning with business processes and workflows;
	▪	Actions representation and reasoning in ontology languages.

Please apply by submitting (i) a short statement (as an abstract with a title, showing how your research matches the topics of the school), (ii) your CV (in PDF), and (iii) the chosen topic(s), via EasyChair at <https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=fccod2013> by 24 December 2013; late applications may be considered subject to the availability of space. The acceptance to the research school will be notified shortly after, together with the composition of the groups and the preparation material (consisting of few papers). 
Before the beginning of the school, each group is required to develop a presentation using the preparation material. During the preparation phase, groups will be supported by high-quality mentors from the committee of the school: each mentor will advise the groups she/he is assigned to about the quality of their presentation while they prepare it before coming to the school.
The list of mentors is growing; by now we have:

	▪	Carlo Zaniolo, zaniolo at cs.ucla.edu
	▪	Laura Giordano, laura.giordano at mfn.unipmn.it
	▪	Misha Zakharyaschev, michael at dcs.bbk.ac.uk
	▪	Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Bernardo.Cuenca.Grau at comlab.ox.ac.uk
	▪	Bijan Parsia, bparsia at cs.man.ac.uk
	▪	Emanuele Della Valle, emanuele.dellavalle at polimi.it
	▪	Diego Calvanese, calvanese at inf.unibz.it
	▪	Michael Kifer, michael.kifer at stonybrook.edu
	▪	Katia Sycara, katia at cs.cmu.edu
	▪	Stefano Ceri, ceri at elet.polimi.it
	▪	Ivan Varzinczak, ijv at acm.org
	▪	Renata Wassermann, renata at ime.usp.br
	▪	Liang Chang, changl.guet at gmail.com
	▪	Matthias Thimm, thimm at uni-koblenz.de
	▪	Valentina Gliozzi, gliozzi at di.unito.it

There will be no registration fee to the research school; coffee breaks and lunches are included.
Information about the school location in Bolzano and how to book online the accommodation is available at <http://www.inf.unibz.it/krdb/location.php>.

cheers by the organisers
— Jim Delgrande, Enrico Franconi, Tommie Meyer, Uli Sattler

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