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ONTOBRAS - 6th Brazilian Conference on Ontologies

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Call for Papers



6th Brazilian Conference on Ontologies

E-mail: ontobras at eci.ufmg.br

September 23 - 25, 2013 - Belo Horizonte / MG - Brasil

Co-located event: 2nd Workshop on Semantic Web and Amazonian Biodiversity

Ontology is a cross-disciplinary field concerning with the study of
concepts and theories that support the building of shared
conceptualizations of specific domains. In recent years, there has been a
growing interest in the application of ontologies to solve modeling and
classification problems in diverse areas such as Computer Science,
Information Science, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, Linguistic,
Knowledge Management and many others.

The Brazilian Conference on Ontologies foresees an opportunity and
scientific environment in which researchers and practitioners from
Information Sciences and Computer Science can exchange the theories,
methodologies, languages, tools and experience related to the ontology
development and application.

In particular, this Sixth Edition of the Conference is being held
simultaneously with the Second Workshop on Semantic Web and Amazonian
Biodiversity Ontology, putting forward the effort of the research community
in integrating the previous events about Ontologies that has happened in
Brazil in recent years, in order to create a unique highly scientifically
qualified international forum for presenting and discussing the subject.

Therefore, we provide a non-comprehensive list of areas and researchers’
communities from which we expect to receive submissions:

- Information Science, for instance working with ontologies, thesauri,
knowledge management among other applications,

- Databases, for instance working with semantic data integration, linked
open data, among other applications,

- Artificial Intelligence, for instance working with knowledge based
systems, agents, ontology reasoning, among other applications

- Software Engineering, for instance working with conceptual modeling,
Business Process Models, among other applications,

- Informatics in Education, for instance working with  Educational
Ontologies , Semantic Web-based Educational Standards, among other

- Linguistics and philosophy, working with natural language processing
using ontologies, theories of representation, among other applications.

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit theoretical, technical
and practical research contributions that directly or indirectly address
the issues above. Particularly welcome are e-science, life-sciences,
e-business and cultural applications.


We would like to invite you to participate in the 6th Brazilian Conference
on Ontologies, which will be held this year in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil,
on September 23-24. ONTOBRAS is the Brazilian meeting for discussing
Ontologies and this year will be sponsored by Federal University of Minas
Gerais. We are interested in the various aspects of the field, from its
philosophical and theoretical foundations to the new technologies and
innovative applications. In this edition, the meeting is opened to
submissions in two categories:

- Full papers (maximum 12 pages) written in English and describing work
with clear demonstrated results. Accepted full paper will be invited for
oral presentation. The best full papers will be invited to be extended for
publication in an influential international journal (still in negotiation).

- Short papers (maximum 6 pages) written in Portuguese, English, or Spanish
and describing ongoing work. Accepted short papers will be invited for
poster presentations.

All submissions must be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and must
follow the article formatting rules provided by the Brazilian Computing
Society (SBC). The models for Microsoft Office Word can be downloaded at
this link<http://www.inf.ufrgs.br/ontobras-most2011/sites/default/files/sbc_template.doc>;
models for OpenOffice and Latex can be found at this

Submissions should be done via Easychair:

The conference proceedings will be published in the online journal CEUR-WS (


- Main track submission deadline:  July 28, 2013

- Acceptance notification: August 26, 2013

- Final version: September 8, 2013


Suggested areas include, but are not limited to:

- Ontology and Conceptual Modeling:

Ontological Foundations for Conceptual Modeling and Metamodeling

Foundational ontologies

Upper-level ontologies

Semantic consistency

Ontology-based conceptual modeling tools and environments

- Ontologies and Knowledge Organization:

Facets Theory

Concept Theory



Documentary languages. Thesaurus



- Ontology Engineering:

Methodology, languages and tools

Composition and modularity

Merging, mapping and alignment

Ontology language interoperability

Integration methods, problems and practice

- Semantic Web:


Information retrieval

Ontology Search

- Ontology and Natural Language Processing:

Linguistic ontologies applied to text processing

Patterns of ontologies for specific applications

- Ontology applications:

Domain ontologies in e-science, e-business, natural sciences and others

Knowledge management

Ontologies and semantic technologies in Education

- Ontology Visualization


- Dr Vinay K Chaudhri

Program Director - Artificial Intelligence Center SRI International. Menlo
Park, CA. USA.

- Dr Chris Partridge

Chief Ontologist at BORO Solutions. London, United Kingdom.


A panel on Brazilian federal e-government solutions, applications, success
cases, standards, efforts and actions performed by the Brazilian W3C Office
will be presented at the event.


General Chairs - ONTOBRAS

- Marcello Peixoto Bax (UFMG, Brazil)

- Fernando Silva Parreiras (FUMEC, Brazil)


- José Laurindo Campos dos Santos (INPA, Brazil) - lcampos at inpa.gov.br

Program Chairs - ONTOBRAS

- Maurício Almeida (ECI - UFMG)

- Renata Wassermann (IME - USP)

Steering Committee

- Andreia Malucelli (PUCPR, Brazil)

- Bernadette Loscio (UFPE, Brazil)

- Fernando Gauthier (UFSC, Brazil)

- Fred Freitas (UFPE, Brazil)

- Giancarlo Guizzardi (UFES, Brazil)

- Mara Abel (UFRGS, Brazil)

- Marcello Bax (UFMG, Brazil)

- Maria Claudia Cavalcanti  (IME, Brazil)

- Maria Luiza de Almeida Campos (UFF, Brazil)

- Renata Vieira  (PUCRS, Brazil)

- Sonia Elisa Caregnato (UFRGS, Brazil)

Program Committee

Alan Pedro da Silva (UFAL, Brazil)

Alcione Oliveira (UFV, Brazil)

Alexandre Rademaker (FGV, Brazil)

Alicia Diaz (UNLP, Argentina)

Ana Maria de Carvalho Moura (LNCC/RJ, Brazil)

Anarosa Alves Franco Brandão (USP, Brazil)

Andre Freitas (DERI, Ireland)

Andreia Malucelli (PUCPR, Brazil)

Cassia Trojahn (INRIA & LIG, France)

Claudio Gutierrez  (UCHILE, Chile)

Emerson Paraiso (PUCPR,

Evandro de Barros Costa (UFAL,

Fabio Andre Porto (LNCC, Brazil)

Fernanda Baiao (UNIRIO, Brazil)

Fernanda Lima (UnB, Brazil)

Fernando Naufel do Amaral (UFF, Brazil)

Fernando Silva Parreiras (FUMEC, Brazil)

Flavio S. Correa Da Silva (USP, Brazil)

Fred Freitas (UFPE, Brazil)

Frederico Durao (CESAR, Brazil)

Gabriela Henning (UNL, Argentine)

Gerd Wagner (BTU Cottbus, Germany)

Gustavo Giménez-Lugo (UTFPR, Brazil)

Ig Ibert Bittencourt (UFAL, Brazil)

Jaime Simão Sichman (USP, Brazil)

Jérôme Euzenat (INRIA & LIG, France)

José Palazzo Moreira de Oliveira (UFRGS, Brazil)

José Parente de Oliveira (ITA, Brazil)

Jose Laurindo Campos Dos Santos (INPA/MCTI, Brazil)

Lucelene Lopes (PUCRS, Brazil)

Luis Márcio Spinosa (PUCPR, Brazil)

Mara Abel (UFRGS, Brazil)

Marcela Vegetti (INGAR/UTN, Argentine)

Marcelo Bax (UFMG, Brazil)

Marcio Moretto Ribeiro (USP, Brazil)

Maria Luiza Campos (UFRJ, Brazil)

Mauricio Almeida (ECI-UFMG, Brazil)

Monalessa Barcellos (UFES, Brazil)

Oscar Corcho (UPM, Spain)

Osvaldo Pessoa (USP, Brazil)

Regina Braga (UFJF, Brazil)

Renata Galante (UFRGS, Brazil)

Renata Wassermann (IME-USP, Brazil)

Renato Souza (FGV, Brazil)

Ricardo Falbo (UFES, Brazil)

Roberta Ferrario (LOA, Italy)

Sandro Fiorini (UFRGS, Brazil)

Sônia Elisa Caregnato (UFRGS, Brazil)

Sean Siqueira (UNIRIO, Brazil)

Seiji Isotani (USP, Brazil)

Stefan Schulz (MUG, Austria)

Renata Wassermann
Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
University of São Paulo
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