[DL] Call for Use Cases and Tools on Privacy in Semantic Technologies

Mathieu d'Aquin m.daquin at open.ac.uk
Mon May 27 23:37:36 CEST 2013

Help us collect use cases and tools tackling or raising issues around 
Privacy in Semantic Technologies
PriSeT 2013 wokshop - http://events.kmi.open.ac.uk/priset-2013/

The recent success of Semantic technologies have triggered a new wave of 
interest in government and industry who aim to apply Linked Data 
principles to exploit the large datasets being made public. Since the 
data generated is from real users, the question of privacy is highly 
relevant to how knowledge is discovered, extracted, integrated and used. 
To this end, it is important for the Linked Data and Semantic Web 
communities to not only pay attention to privacy but also to proactively 
discover and address privacy related issues at every stage. Any failing 
in this area at this critical juncture could only jeopardise the many 
Open Data initiatives currently being pursued by government, academia 
and industry.

We are organizing a workshop (PriSeT) collocated with the K-CAP 2013 
conference which aim is to discuss these issues, cases where/when they 
are raised, and the tools that can help tackle them. Therefore, these 
discussions will be supported by responses to two forms to collect 
experiences from the community related to these two aspects:

The form related to use cases is at:

The form related to tools is at:

These forms are open to anybody, and we expect the answers to be widely 
varying in scope, specificity, granularity and maturity. It is possible 
and encouraged to fill the form more than once. So, if you have ever 
encountered the issue of privacy in your work on semantic technologies, 
just drop a couple of sentences in our forms!

Many Thanks!
Mathieu, Keerthi and Inah.

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