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* First South-American Summer School on Ontology Engineering and the 
Semantic Web *
***(SSSW at Brazil 2013)*
5-11 May, 2013
Florianopolis, Brazil

_*Applications open until February 25th.*__*

We are delighted to announce the first South-American Summer School on 
Ontology Engineering and the Semantic Web (SSSW at Brazil 2013), which will 
take place on 5-11 May, 2013 at the Recanto Champagnat in Lagoa da 
Conceição, Florianopolis, Brazil. SSSW at Brazil will be a spin-off of the 
groundbreaking SSSW series of summer schools, which started in 2003. 
Consistently with the ethos of the SSSW series of summer schools, 
SSSW at Brazil will also follow a "hands-on" pedagogical approach, 
combining the practical with the theoretical, and adding teamwork and a 
competitive element to the mix. Specifically, lecture materials will be 
augmented with hands-on practical workshops, while work on developing 
and presenting a project in cooperation with other participants will 
serve as a means to consolidate the knowledge and skills gained from 
lectures and practical sessions. Prizes will be awarded to the best 
projects at the end of the week. Participants will be provided with 
electronic versions of all course lectures and all necessary tools and 
environments for the hands-on sessions. PC access with all tools 
pre-installed will be available on site as well.

SSSW at Brazil will provide a stimulating and enjoyable environment in 
which participants will benefit not only from the formal and practical 
sessions but also from informal and social interactions with established 
researchers and the other participants to the school. To further 
facilitate interaction and exchange of ideas, a poster session will also 
take place, which will provide an opportunity for attendees to present 
and obtain feedback on their research or professional work.

The language used in the school will be English.

To ensure a high ratio between tutors and students the school will be 
limited to 50 participants maximum. These will include PhD students, 
academics and professionals.__


Registration Opens: 21/01/2013

Registration Closes: 25/02/2013

Notification: 10/03/2013

Payment: 30/03/2013


Linked Data / Web of Data

Ontology Engineering

Ontology Design

Knowledge Representation

Semantic Web Applications

Semantic and Language Technologies

Knowledge Management

Semantic Search

Web Intelligence

Social Semantic Web


Asun Gomez-Perez (Director, UPM) <asun at fi.upm.es  <mailto:asun at fi.upm.es>>

Enrico Motta (Co-Director, OU) <e.motta at open.ac.uk  <mailto:e.motta at open.ac.uk>>

Mathieu d'Aquin (Mini-project coordinator, OU) <m.daquin at open.ac.uk  <mailto:m.daquin at open.ac.uk>>

Oscar Corcho (Poster coordinator, UPM) <ocorcho at fi.upm.es  <mailto:ocorcho at fi.upm.es>>

Jose Leomar Todesco (Local Organization Chair, UFSC)

Fernando Ostuni-Gauthier (Local Organization Co-chair, UFSC)

José Angel Ramos (Administrator, UPM)*/__/*

The local organization of SSSW at Brazil will be handled by the 
Postgraduate Programme in Knowledge Engineering and Management at the 
Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).


Mathieu d'Aquin (The Open University, UK)

Fabio Ciravegna (University of Sheffield, UK)

Oscar Corcho (UPM, Spain)

Jerome Euzenat (INRIA, France)

Aldo Gangemi (Université Paris Nord, France; ISTC-CNR, Italy)

Asun Gómez-Pérez (UPM, Spain)

Enrico Motta (The Open University, UK)

Valentina Presutti (ISTC-CNR, Italy)


Although the school primarily targets South-American students, academics 
and professionals, we do welcome applicants from anywhere in the world. 
Some basic acquaintance with knowledge representation languages for the 
Semantic Web (RDF, OWL, etc.) is desirable

Applications should be sent by filling the application form, as well as 
sending a CV (in English) to 
<mailto:toapplication at ssswbrazil.org>*application at ssswbrazil.org*-- see 

*The deadline for applications is 2**5**February, 2013.*

Accepted candidates are expected to arrive on Sunday, May 5th, between 
3pm and 6pm and to participate fully in the activities of the school 
until its conclusion, at 2pm on Saturday, May 11th. Applicants should 
keep in mind that we will not consider applications from participants 
who cannot commit themselves to a full participation for the whole 
duration of the school. Participants must stay for the whole week of the 
course and should not leave the hotel at night.Participants are also 
required to bring and present a poster at the summer school, describing 
their own research or professional work.


The school will take place at the Recanto Champagnat in Lagoa da 
Conceição, Florianopolis, Brazil. Florianópolis is the capital city and 
the second largest city of the State of Santa Catarina 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Catarina_%28state%29>in the Southern 
region <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Region,_Brazil>of Brazil 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazil>. The Recanto Champagnat occupies a 
prime location on the hill ofLagoa da Conceição, just 15 minutes from 
downtown Florianopolis and 5 minutes from Lagoa. It is situated in a 
beautiful landscape, with easy access to the Joaquina beach.


Once you are in Florianopolis, the best option to go to Recanto 
Champagnat is by taxi . The estimated time of the whole trip (from 
Florianopolis airport to Recanto Champagnat) is around half a hour. The 
cost will be about R$ 80 Reais.

The cost of the summer school, including accommodation, meals and 
excursions will be:

R$ 2,500 for students

R$ 4,000 for academics

R$12,000 for professionals

All figures are in Reais, the Brazilian currency.

For more information, please contact the local organization by phone, 
+55 48 321 2445,or by email, ssswbrazil at egc.ufsc.br 
<mailto:ssswbrazil at egc.ufsc.br>

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