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   4th OPEN Answer Set Programming Competition 2013

     Call for Participant Systems

University of Calabria - Vienna University of Technology

Fall/Winter 2012/2013


     aspcomp2013 at kr.tuwien.ac.at


The 4th Open Answer Set Programming (ASP) Competition is now in the Call
for Participant Systems stage.

 | The event is open to ASP systems and *any other* system based on a |
 | declarative specification paradigm.                                |

== Call for Participant Systems ==

Participants of the Answer Set Programming Competition will compete on a
selected collection of benchmark problems, taken from a variety of
benchmark problem domains as well as real world applications.  These
include, but are not limited to:

 * Classic and applicative graph problems
 * Scheduling, Timetabling, and other resource allocation problems
 * Sequential and Temporal Planning
 * Combinatorial Optimization Problems
 * Deductive database tasks on large data-sets
 * Puzzles and Combinatorics
 * Ontology reasoning
 * Automated Theorem Proving and Model Checking
 * Reasoning tasks over large propositional instances
 * Constraint Programming problems
 * Other AI problems

The competition consists of two independent main tracks:

 * the Model & Solve Track invites any researcher and developer of
   declarative knowledge representation systems to participate in an
   open challenge for solving sophisticated AI problems with their tools
   of choice.  Participants submit a solver based on an arbitrary input
   format and declarative specifications of the Competition's benchmark

 * the System Track compares dedicated answer set solvers on ASP
   benchmarks.  Participants compete with a solver for a standard ASP

We encourage to submit parallel and portfolio systems exploiting
multiple cores or multiple algorithms for solving the given instances.

=== About the Answer Set Programming Competition Series ===

Answer Set Programming is a well-established paradigm of declarative
programming with close relationship to other declarative modelling
paradigms and languages, such as SAT Modulo Theories, Constraint
Handling Rules, FO(.), PDDL, CASC, and many others.

The ASP Competition is a biannual event for evaluating declarative
knowledge representation systems on hard and demanding AI problems. The
4th ASP Competition will be run in the first half of 2013 jointly at the
University of Calabria (Italy) and the Vienna University of Technology
(Austria).  The event is the sequel to the ASP Competition series, held
at the University of Potsdam (Germany) in 2006-2007, at the University
of Leuven (Belgium) in 2009, and at University of Calabria (Italy) in
2011. The current competition takes place in cooperation with the 12th
International Conference on Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning
(LPNMR 2013), where the results will be announced.

The ASP competition is held as an open tournament. The "Model & Solve"
competition track fosters the spirit of integration among communities,
and is thus open to all types of solvers: ASP systems, SAT solvers, SMT
solvers, CP systems, FOL theorem provers, Description Logics reasoners,
planning reasoners, or any other. The "System" competition track is
instead set up on a fixed language based on the answer set semantics.

== Important Dates ==

 * February  2nd, 2013: Participant registration deadline

 * March 1st, 2013: Participant system submission deadline

 * March 2nd, 2013: System freeze, the competition runs

 * September 15-19, 2013: Announcement of results and award presentation
   at LPNMR 2013 in Corunna, Spain

For further information and submission instructions please visit the
competition web site


or contact us by email: aspcomp2013 at kr.tuwien.ac.at

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