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Wed Dec 19 10:51:28 CET 2012

During the 4th World Congress on Universal Logic
to happen in Rio de Janeiro, April 3-7, 2013
there will be a contest like in the preceding editions of the event.
For this edition the theme is
Any paper dealing with the scope of validity and domain of application of logic theorems is welcome,
in particular those dealing with the following theorems:
Löwenheim-Skolem (1915-1920)
completeness (Post 1921 - Gödel 1930)
incompleteness (Gödel 1931)
cut-elimination (Gentzen 1934)
undefinability (Tarski 1936)
undecidability (Church-Turing, 1936)
Lindenbaum's extension lemma (1937)
compactness (Malcev 1938)
incompleteness for modal logic (Dugundji 1940)
Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé (1950-1961)
Beth's definability theorem (1953)
Craig's interpolation theorem (1957)
completeness for modal logic (Kripke 1959)
independence of CH (Cohen 1963)

Papers shoud be sent by February 28, 2013 to
logic.theorem at logica-universalis.org
The best papers will be selected for presentation in a special session during the event
and a jury will decide  who is the winner.
The members of the jury are Yuri Gurevich, Daniele Mundici and Hiroakira Ono.
A special issue of the journal Logica Universalis will be released on this topic.

World Congress and School on Universal Logic
Montreux 2005 - Xi'an 2007 - Lisbon 2010 - Rio 2013
Logica Universalis

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