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Dear readers of the DL mailing list,

I thought somebody should say something ... Just in case you have not 
noticed this yourself: The message below, recently distributed via the 
DL list, clearly is a scam. This "INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LOGIC and 
COMPUTATION" tries to feed off the good name of the established Journal 
of Logic and Computation (http://logcom.oxfordjournals.org/). They even 
plagiarised some of the description of the journal. If you are new to 
the field, please don't be fooled by something like this. Nobody will 
take you seriously if you put a publication in this "journal" on your 
CV. If you are unsure where to submit your work, ask a more experienced 
colleague for advice first.

All the best,

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/ISSN: **//2180-1290/

Volume 3, Issue 1

Info. at

Computer Science Journals (CSC Journals) invites researchers, editors,
scientists & scholars to publish their scientific research papers in an
*International Journal of Logic and Computation (IJLP) Volume 3, Issue 1.*


*The International Journal of Logic and Computation*aims to promote the
growth of logic and computing research from the perspectives of logic,
mathematics and computer science, but emphasizes semantics of programs,
in contrast with the traditional treatment of formal languages as sets
of strings. IJLP promote this new field with its comprehensive selection
of technical scientific papers and regular contributions such as
letters, reviews and discussions for logical systems using classical and
non-classical logic, constructive logic, categorical logic, modal logic,
type theory, logical issues in logic programming, knowledge-based
systems and automated reasoning programing; logical programming issues
in knowledge representation, non-monotonic reasoning, logics and
semantics of programming and applications of logic in hardware and VLSI.

CSC Journals anticipate and invite papers on any of the following topics:



Applications of Logic in Hardware and VLSI**


Modal Logic**

Categorical Logic**


Natural Language**

Challenges in Natural Language and Reasoning**


Non-Monotonic Reasoning**

Classical and Non-Classical Logic**


Programming Expressiveness**

Computer Logical Reasoning**


Programming Reasoning Test Collection**

Constructive Logic**


Reasoning Systems**

Knowledge-Based Systems and Automated Reasoning Pr**


Semantic Representation in Logic Programming**

Logic Representation Techniques**


Soft Computing Techniques**

Logical Issues in Logic Programming**


State-Based Semantics**

Logical Programming Issues in Knowledge Representa**


Type Theory**

Logics and Semantics of Programming**




*_Important Dates - IJLP CFP - Volume 3, Issue 1._*

Paper Submission: September 30, 2012

Author Notification: November 15, 2012

Issue Publication: December 2012

For complete details about IJLP archives publications,
abstracting/indexing, editorial board and other important information,
please refer to IJLP homepage

We look forward to receive your valuable papers. If you have further
questions please do not hesitate to contact us at
cscpress at cscjournals.org. Our team is committed to provide a quick and
supportive service throughout the publication process.

*/A complete list of journals can be found at

J. Stewart
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50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: + 603 6207 1607, + 603 2782 6991
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Url: http://www.cscjournals.org

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