[DL] CfP: SWUMA 2012 -- 3rd International Workshop on the use of Semantic Web Technology for Mobile and Ubiquitous Applications

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         Third Workshop on the use of
          Semantic Web Technology for
      Mobile and Ubiquitous Applications
                (SWUMA 2012)


        November 11 or 12, 2012 (TBC)
    ISWC Workshop Program, Boston, MA USA


In order for pervasive and mobile platforms to use large and complex ontologies, online algorithms are required to fragment ontologies on-the-fly. Resource limited platforms which are required to work in real-time environments can reuse ontological definitions to build their own vocabulary for their domains. Traditional ontology evolution approaches are not suitable for this purpose because they focus on creating sound and complete ontologies. We call for satisficing approaches that provide a 'good enough answer' while limiting overhead costs, because resource limited platforms would not be able to store, use or infer over large complete ontologies. In this workshop we ask, how can we use large ontologies in constrained environments and how can we build domain specific ontologies for resource limited platforms? We are particularly interested in research focused on (a) automatic online evolution algorithms, (b) scalable ontology evolution algorithms, (c) generating just-in-time ontology modules and fragments, and (d) evaluation frameworks. This workshop aims to gather research covering the above mentioned challenges, and bringing together researchers and foster future collaborations.


1 June, 2012            Call for Papers released
31 July, 2012           Paper Deadline (midnight Hawaii time)
21 August, 2012         Paper Acceptance Notification
10 September, 2012      Camera-ready versions
11 or 12 November, 2012 Workshop held (date TBC)


Lightweight semantic negotiation for mobile and ubiquitous applications;
Semantic Web and p2p;
Ontologies for mobile and ubiquitous systems;
Semantic Web Technology for Context aware applications;
Knowledge representation, discovery and management in mobile and ubiquitous applications;
Knowledge representation, discovery and management for semantic web services in mobile and ubiquitous environments;
Semantic web services;
Dynamic composition of semantic web services;
Agent technologies for mobile and ubiquitous systems;
Integration of agent-based services and web services;
Mobile and ubiquitous databases and information retrieval.


SWUMA accepts 12-page papers, to be presented as 25 minute talks, and 4-page short papers, which will be present as 5 minute lightning talks.

Papers to be submitted in the Springer LNCS proceedings style (see ISWC guidelines at:
http://iswc2012.semanticweb.org/call-research-papers )

Papers should be submitted to the SWUMA2012 easychair installation at:


Heather Packer (University of Southampton)
Nick Gibbins (University of Southampton)
Terry Payne (University of Liverpool)


Dave Robertson (University of Edinburgh)
Laura Moss (NHS, Department of Clinical Physics and Bioengineering)
Pavel Klinov (Clark & Parsia and the University of Arizona)
Till Mossakowski (University of Bremen)
Thomas Schneider (University of Bremen)
Bijan Parsia (University of Manchester)
Mike Jewell (University of Southampton)
Gianluca Correndo (University of Southampton)
Valentina Tamma (University of Liverpool)
Floriana Grasso (University of Liverpool)
Chiara Ghidini (FBK)
Robert Hoehndorf (University of Cambridge)
Massimo Paolucci (DoCoMo)
Matthias Klusch (DFKI)
Michael Gruninger (University of Toronto)
Melanie Courtot (BC Cancer Research Centre)
Marco Schorlemmer (IIIA, CSIC)

Information will be updated on the SWUMA2012 website:

If you have any questions please e-mail:
swuma2012 at easychair.org

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