[DL] IJCAR 2012 Call for Participation

Geoff Sutcliffe geoff at cs.miami.edu
Mon May 28 12:51:19 CEST 2012

IJCAR 2012 - The 6th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning

                  Final Call for Participation and

    ********Early Registration Deadline Extented to May 30th********

IJCAR 2012 is a merger of leading events in automated reasoning:

* CADE (International Conference on Automated Deduction)
* FroCoS (International Symposium on Frontiers of Combining Systems)
* FTP (International Workshop on First-order Theorem Proving)
* TABLEAUX (International Conference on Automated Reasoning with
  Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods)

IJCAR 2012 will be held at the School of Computer Science, 
University of Manchester, UK, from June 26th to July 1st, 2012.


* Early registration will end on May 30th (Extented from May 25th),
* Late registration will end on June 11th
* Very late and on-site registration will never end

To register, please follow the registration page on

Please register now!

Scientific Programme:

* 4 Invited Speakers:

-- Nikolaj Bjorner, Microsoft Research Redmond, WA, USA
-- Yuri Matiyasevich, Steklov Institute of Mathematics, St. Petersburg, Russia
-- Robert Nieuwenhuis, Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain
-- Nicole Schweikardt, University of Frankfurt, Germany

* 3 Evening Lectures by the following pioneers of automated reasoning:

-- Peter Andrews, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
-- Martin Davis, New York University, USA
-- John Alan Robinson, Syracuse University, New York, USA

* Herbrand Award Presentation
-- Melvin Fitting

* 32 full papers

* 9 system descriptions

Satellite Events (June 30th - July 1st)

* Workshop on Automated Theory Exploration (ATX 2012)
* Workshop on Synthesis, Verification and Analysis of Rich Models (SVARM 2012)
  joint with The 7th International Verification Workshop (VERIFY 2012)
* Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT 2012)
* Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning (PAAR 2012)
* Proof eXchange for Theorem Proving (PxTP 2012)
* The 4th International Workshop on Invariant Generation (WING 2012)
* Uncertainty in Description Logics (UniDL 2012)
* The 1st International Workshop on Comparative Empirical Evaluation
  of Reasoning Systems (COMPARE 2012)
* The 2nd Joint International Workshop on Strategies in Rewriting,
  Proving and Programming (IWS 2012)
* Workshop on Logics for Resources, Processes, and Programs (LRPP 2012)
* The 26th International Workshop on Unification (UNIF 2012)
* StarExec
* OWL Reasoner Evaluation Workshop
* Automated Reasoning for Enterprise Information Systems (AREIS 2012)

* CADE ATP System Competition (CASC-J6)
* SMT Competition (SMT-COMP 2012)
* Termination Competition 2012
* OWL Reasoner Evaluation

We take this opportunity to remind you that IJCAR 2012 is part of the
Alan Turing Year, and is held immediately after

        The Alan Turing Centenary Conference

It is expected that Manchester will be a busy place during these meetings,
so please try to register and book your hotels early. You will find some
accommodation suggestions at the IJCAR website.

We are grateful to generous sponsors of IJCAR 2012
* The University of Manchester
* Artificial Intelligence Journal
* Microsoft Research

We are looking forward to seeing you in Manchester,
        Andrei, Bernhard, Birte, Dale, Geoff, Konstantin, and Uli

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