[DL] Request for partizipation in experiment

Uli Sattler sattler at cs.man.ac.uk
Mon Mar 19 11:54:50 CET 2012

Unlocking OWL Ontologies

Ontologies, even when presented in the more user-friendly Manchester  
OWL syntax (the one used in ProtÈgÈ), can be impenetrable to the  
uninitiated. To address this problem, we have developed a system  
(named OntoVerbal) that automatically translates an OWL ontology into  
natural language text. We would be most grateful if you would to help  
us test the system by participating in a short (20 min) experiment  
that involves reading 10 such texts and translating them back into the  
corresponding OWL.

Please click on the link below for further details and instructions:


All participants will be entered into a prize draw for Amazon vouchers:

* 1st Prize: £50 ($80)
* 2nd Prize: £30 ($50)
* 3rd Prize: £20 ($30)

*** Please circulate this request to anyone you think may be  
interested ***

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