[DL] A Description Logic Primer

Markus Krötzsch markus.kroetzsch at cs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jan 20 12:05:35 CET 2012

Dear DL, OWL, Protégé, and Semantic Web readers,

we have recently written a short, very gentle first introduction to
description logics, that we decided to make public for the benefit of
anybody who wants to get started in DLs:

  Markus Krötzsch, Frantisek Simancik, Ian Horrocks:
  A Description Logic Primer
  CoRR abs/1201.4089, 2012

It is meant as a very first reading that does not require a formal
logic background. Yet, there are exact definitions for SROIQ (the
"OWL 2 DL"), so maybe the text can also replace the repetitive DL
preliminary section in one or the other paper (it is guaranteed to be
permanent under the above reference). OWL 2, tractable DLs, and
pointers to further reading and tools are also briefly discussed.

The text was written as an introductory chapter for the upcoming book
"Perspectives of Ontology Learning", edited by Jens Lehmann and
Johanna Völker. We are happy to authorise reprints in similar
collections; but please contact us first ;-).

We might release updates of this document in the future; comments and
suggestions are welcome. The text is meant to stay short, but we could
extend it a bit beyond the page limit if the original book chapter.



Dr. Markus Kroetzsch
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