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Applications are invited for Postdoctoral Research positions in the UKZN/CSIR Meraka Centre for 
Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR) within the School of Computer Science, University of KwaZulu-
Natal, South Africa. The successful applicants will be expected to engage in full-time postdoctoral 
research under the supervision of a member of the academic staff of CAIR. The positions are for a 
duration of one year and are renewable for a second year, subject to satisfactory performance.  

The following two positions will be jointly funded and jointly supervised in collaboration with the School 
of Informatics, University of Edinburgh (UED). Postdoctoral researchers will be primarily based at CAIR 
in Durban or Pretoria and will undertake short research placements to UED.  The research areas are:
*  Behavior representation and detection in video surveillance systems under the supervision of Dr. 
  Deshen Moodley (UKZN) and Prof. Bob Fisher (UED).
*  Knowledge Representation and Reasoning under the supervision of Prof. Tommie Meyer (CAIR) 
  and Prof. Alan Bundy (UED).

A third general position is also available in any area of Artificial Intelligence currently under investigation 
within CAIR. See cair.cs.ukzn.ac.za (alias cair.meraka.org.za) for a list of CAIR members 
and research projects. Potential applicants should contact the appropriate CAIR member directly to 
discuss the project. 

Eligibility Criteria for all positions:

*  A doctoral degree in Computer Science or related area.
*  Appropriate experience to undertake postdoctoral research in the specified area.

Application requirements for all positions:

*  A full curriculum vitae, including a list of publications.  
*  Completion of the application form and Annexure A, available from cair.cs.ukzn.ac.za.
*  For the general CAIR position, a one-page proposal approved by the relevant CAIR member must 
  be appended to the application.


The total funding will range from ZAR 180 000 to ZAR 270 000 per year comprising of:
*  A tax free scholarship of ZAR 180 000 for one year and subject to satisfactory progress, renewable for 
  a second year.
*  A top up of up to ZAR 90 000 per year from CAIR, depending on the experience of the candidate and 
  the availability of funds. 
*  There is no fixed application deadline. Scholarships will be awarded based on the suitability of 
  candidates and the availability of funds.

Applications should be sent to:

Professor Tommie Meyer
Director: Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research
tommie.meyer at meraka.org.za

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