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Vinay Chaudhri Vinay.Chaudhri at sri.com
Tue Mar 29 01:04:48 CEST 2011

Job Description
The AI Center at SRI International is looking for a highly creative 
Computer Scientist to join a team of researchers building 
evaluation-driven knowledge-based systems. We are seeking an individual 
with a strong background in deductive question answering, applied 
knowledge representation, knowledge acquisition and Lisp programming 

Initial responsibilities will include dedicated work in contributing to 
the ongoing development and maintenance of complex software systems. 
Specifically, in the near future, we will implement question answering 
methods that can answer ``how’’ and ``why’’ questions, and reason by 
qualitative simulation. The future work will involve investigating 
techniques for scalable reasoning. We anticipate applying the techniques 
developed in this effort to problems that are of interest to both 
government and business, with an eye toward commercialization 
opportunities. The most immediate application focus area is science 

This position requires background in applied knowledge representation 
and reasoning with exposure to logical reasoning systems, large 
knowledge bases, qualitative simulation and reasoning. Substantial 
Common Lisp programming experience is desirable.

The position requires excellent communication skills, willingness and 
the ability to work as part of a result-oriented team, and building a 
significant software system.

Ph.D. in computer science or equivalent with specialization in reasoning 

About This Division
SRI International's Information and Computing Sciences Division develops 
and applies technologies to meet client needs in machine intelligence, 
speech and natural language, perception and visual sciences, 
bioinformatics, formal methods, and computer security. ICS is organized 
into four laboratories, all world leaders in their respective fields: 
the Artificial Intelligence Center; the Speech Technology and Research 
(STAR) Laboratory, the Computer Science Laboratory, and Vision 

For additional information, please visit the Information and Computing 
Sciences website: http://www.sri.com/icsd

To apply, please visit 

or write to Vinay.Chaudhri at SRI.COM

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