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Torben Brauner torben at ruc.dk
Mon Dec 20 16:54:22 CET 2010

Hybrid Logic and its Proof-Theory
by Torben Braüner
Applied Logic Series, Vol. 37
Springer, 2011
ISBN 978-94-007-0001-7
* This is the first book-length treatment of hybrid logic and its 
proof-theory. Hybrid logic is an extension of ordinary modal logic which 
allows explicit reference to individual points in a model (where the 
points represent times, possible worlds, states in a computer, or 
something else). This is useful for many applications, for example when 
reasoning about time one often wants to formulate a series of statements 
about what happens at specific times.
* There is little consensus about proof-theory for ordinary modal logic. 
Many modal-logical proof systems lack important properties and the 
relationships between proof systems for different modal logics are often 
unclear. In the present book we demonstrate that hybrid-logical 
proof-theory remedies these deficiencies by giving a spectrum of 
well-behaved proof systems (natural deduction, Gentzen, tableau, and 
axiom systems) for a spectrum of different hybrid logics (propositional, 
first-order, intensional first-order, and intuitionistic).
* All these proof systems can be motivated independently, but the fact 
that the systems can be given in a uniform way shows that hybrid logic 
and hybrid-logical proof-theory is a natural enterprise.
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