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Rodolfo Rieckhof rodo2024 at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 21 20:16:17 CET 2010

I am new to this so this question maybe fairly trivial.  I want to transform
the DL Formulas that represent Domain and Range in Fist order Logic. What i
The two DL sentences
[image: \exists] isManufacteredBy.T [image: \sqsubseteq] Product
T [image: \sqsubseteq] [image: \forall] isManufacteredBy.Manufaterer

In FOL ?
[image: \forall]x( [image: \exists] y. isManufacteredBy(x,y) -> Product
(x))                             (Domain)
[image: \forall]x ( T -> [image: \forall]y( isManufacteredBy(x,y) [image:
\land] Manufacterer(y) ) )      (Range)

I am not really sure about the transformation in FOL beacause i dont know
how to translate the T to FOL. Could any tell me how this should be done.

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