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/*Open-access journals is the new way to publish research results 
because of enhanced visibility and citations. JISKO will appear as soon 
as we accepted high-quality submissions on the relevant topics. */

Journal of Information Systems Knowledge and Ontologies  (JISKO) 

Special Volume 2010 Topic: Semantics, Knowledge and Ontologies: past, 
present and future role in the knowledge society.  //
   because of enhanced visibi
The term 'Knowledge Society' emerged towards the end of the 1990's and 
is used to describe a society that uses its knowledge as primary asset, 
resource and production mechanism. In this type of society, the sharing, 
use and creation of knowledge are the primary activities of any 
endeavour, and not labour or any other investment. In general, a 
knowledge society is seen as more than an information society because it 
includes human, cultural and social aspects and this knowledge enables 
economic growth and empowers and develops all sectors of society.

Within this special issue of JISKO,  we want to investigate a knowledge 
society and information systems in the light of recent events and 
advances such as

    * technological advances including as the Semantic Web and Web 2.0 /
      Web 3.0 
    * interconnectivity, networks and virtual societies that are not
      constrained by geographic proximity 
    * information systems and global change (enterprise, economic,
      cultural, climate)

The scope of the journal is available at 
http://www.ibimapublishing.com/journals/JISKO/jisko.html and topics of 
interest include, but are not limited to:

    *  The Knowledge Society   
    *  Knowledge in the Information Society
    *  Knowledge and Ontologies in Information Systems
    *  Ontologies and Ontology
    *  Information Systems Knowledge Management and Engineering
    *  Enterprise Knowledge Management and Engineering
    *  All aspects in Ontology Construction, Engineering, Modelling,
      Learning, Population and Evaluation
    *  All aspects Ontology Evolution and Maintenance
    *  All aspects in Ontology Adoption, Evaluation and Management
    *  Ontology Languages
    *  Ontology Use in Information Systems
    *  Ontology Coupling, Integration and Matching
    *  Semantic Web Applications

Submission Guidelines
Only original research papers will be considered. Authors should limit 
initial submissions to no more than 30 double-spaced pages in 12-point 
font with appropriate margins, inclusive of all materials (i.e., 
references, figures, tables and appendices).  

submission guidlines are available at:  
A double-blind review will be conducted and papers will be returned to 
the authors, often with brief explanatory notes for further action. 
Submissions will be screened to ensure the submissions fit with the 
special issue.

Manuscript Submission:

Submissions will be accepted for this theme throughout year 2010.  No 
Review process: 3-4 weeks in double blind peer-review process 
Revise and resubmit: 3-4 weeks once received
Publication: 3-4 weeks from final acceptance

Submissions may be sent by email to: submit at ibimapublishing.com 
<mailto:submit at ibimapublishing.com>.  In the email, please indicate the 
journal name for greater processing efficiency.  

The Journal of Information Systems Knowledge and Ontologies (JISKO) is 
an international peer reviewed and open-access applied research journal 
which accepts contributions that are based on original research, best 
practices, case studies, and real-world experiences.

Aurona Gerber
Journal of Information Systems Knowledge and Ontologies (JISKO)
http://www.ibimapublishing.com <http://www.ibimapublishing.com/>
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