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Yi Choong-ho choong-ho.yi at combitech.se
Tue Dec 8 16:05:48 CET 2009

Dear DL friends,

I am involved in a project commissioned by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) where my responsibility is to check the consistency of/among the models produced from the project.  This kind of models are usually called "conceptual models", expressed by UML-like notation including typical structuring mechanisms such as:

* Class, Specialisation, Aggregation, Association, Cardinality.

In order to describe a Meta Model for these models, it is required that among others:

* A Class is not only a set of objects, but also it can be a member of another  (higher order) Class.

I think DL should provide sufficient expressive power (for the structuring concepts above) and reasoning power (to check consistency, interoperability requirements etc).

But I do not know which DL is suitable for this purpose, and which DL Prover and Editor to choose.  I would appreciate if you could give me some Starter information, especially if you kindly share your experience with using DL for conceptual modelling.  I have relatively good background in logic, but I have no experience with DL.

Kind regards,

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