[DL] FLoC 2010: Call for Papers

Nicole Schweikardt schweika.floc at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 30 18:34:09 CET 2009


 Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
 July 9-21, 2010


* The fifth Federated Logic Conference (FLoC'10) will be held in
 Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. (www.edinburgh.org), in July 2010, at the
 School of Informatics at University of Edinburgh (www.inf.ed.ac.uk).

* The following conferences will participate in FLoC:
 - CAV 2010:   Int'l Conference on Computer-Aided Verification
 - CSF 2010:   IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium
 - ICLP 2010:  Int'l Conference on Logic Programming
 - IJCAR 2010: Int'l Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning
 - ITP 2010:   Int'l Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving
 - LICS 2010:  IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science
 - RTA 2010:   Int'l Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications
 - SAT 2010:   Int'l Conference on Theory and Applications of
               Satisfiability Testing

* Plenary events involving all the conferences are planned. In addition
 to the participating conferences, FLoC'10 will host a number of
 pre- and post-conference workshops. There will be receptions in the
 Edinburgh Castle and at the National Galleries of Scotland.

* Travel support for US student participants is expected.

* Detailed calls for papers (as well as submission instructions) for each
 of the participating conferences can be found at the FLoC'10 website at

* Important dates:
 - CAV 2010:
      PC chairs: Byron Cook, Paul Jackson, Tayssir Touili
      Jan 11: abstract submission deadline
      Jan 15: paper submission deadline
 - CSF 2010:
      PC chairs: Michael Backes, Andrew Myers
      Feb 04: abstract submission deadline
      Feb 08: paper submission deadline
 - ICLP 2010:
      PC chairs: Manuel Hermenegildo, Torsten Schaub
      Jan 26: paper registration deadline
      Feb 02: paper submission deadline
 - IJCAR 2010:
      PC chairs: Jürgen Giesl, Reiner Hähnle
      Jan 15: abstract submission deadline
      Jan 22: paper submission deadline
 - ITP 2010:
      PC chairs: Matt Kaufmann, Lawrence C. Paulson
      Jan 15: abstract submission deadline
      Jan 22: paper submission deadline
 - LICS 2010:
      PC chair: Jean-Pierre Jouannaud
      Jan 10: abstract submission deadline
      Jan 17: paper submission deadline
 - RTA 2010:
      PC chair: Christopher Lynch
      Jan 15: abstract submission deadline
      Jan 22: paper submission deadline
 - SAT 2010:
      PC chairs: Ofer Strichman, Stefan Szeider
      Feb 01: abstract submission deadline
      Feb 08: paper submission deadline

* FLoC'10 Steering Committee:
  - General Chair: Moshe Y. Vardi
  - Conference Co-chairs: Leonid Libkin, Gordon Plotkin
  - CAV Representative: Edmund Clarke
  - ICLP Representative: Manuel Hermenegildo
  - IJCAR Representative: Alan Bundy
  - ITP Representative: Tobias Nipkow
  - LICS Representative: Martin Abadi
  - RTA Representative: Juergen Giesl
  - SAT Representative: Enrico Giunchiglia
  - EasyChair Representative: Andrei Voronkov

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