[DL] Call for participation: Methods for Modalities 6

Thomas Bolander tb at imm.dtu.dk
Wed Oct 7 14:51:12 CEST 2009

                      CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
        6th Workshop on METHODS FOR MODALITIES (M4M-6)
                      Copenhagen, Denmark
                      November 12-14, 2009
    NOTE: The deadline for early registration is October 19

The workshop METHODS FOR MODALITIES (M4M) aims to bring together
researchers interested in developing algorithms, verification methods
and tools based on modal logics. Here the term "modal logics" is
conceived broadly, including temporal logic, description logic,
guarded fragments, conditional logic, temporal and hybrid logic, etc.

To stimulate interaction and transfer of expertise, M4M will feature
a number of invited talks by leading scientists, research
presentations aimed at highlighting new developments, and submissions
of system demonstrations.

More information about the previous editions can be found at


Autumn School
M4M-6 will be preceded by a two-day mini-course called "Autumn School
on Modal Logic" aimed at preparing PhD students and other researchers
for participation in the workshop. The autumn school will be taught
by Carlos Areces, Patrick Blackburn, Valentin Goranko, Renate Schmidt,
and Carsten Schürmann. Consult the autumn school home page for further


The autumn school is associated with the FIRST research school

To register for the workshop and/or the preceding autumn school on
modal logic, please visit the following site:


Note that the deadline for early registration is October 19.

Workshop venue
M4M will take place at the IDA Conference Center in the center of
The preceeding autumn school will take place at the IT University
of Copenhagen (http://www1.itu.dk/sw5211.asp). For travelling and
accommodation information, please consult the workshop home page

Invited speakers
- Franz Baader, TU Dresden
    "Small is again beautiful in description logics"
- Barteld Kooi, University of Groningen
    "Logics for intelligent interaction"
- Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Aalborg University
    "Modal logics for specification and verification"
- Renate Schmidt, University of Manchester
    "Simulation and Synthesis of Deduction Calculi"
- Yde Venema, University of Amsterdam
    "Proof systems for Moss' co-algebraic modality"

Important dates
  Deadline for early registration M4M-6: October 19, 2009
  Deadline for late registration M4M-6: November 5, 2009
  Deadline for registration autumn school: November 5, 2009
  Autumn school dates: November 11-12, 2009
  M4M-6 workshop dates: November 12-14, 2009

Local organisers
- Thomas Bolander, Technical University of Denmark
    tb at imm.dtu.dk
- Torben Braüner, Roskilde University
    torben at ruc.dk

Program Committee
  Carlos Areces, INRIA Lorraine
  Lars Birkedal, IT University of Copenhagen
  Patrick Blackburn, INRIA Lorraine
  Thomas Bolander (co-chair), Technical University of Denmark
  Julian Bradfield, University of Edinburgh
  Torben Braüner (co-chair), Roskilde University
  Balder ten Cate, University of Amsterdam
  Stephane Demri, ENS de Cachan
  Hans van Ditmarsch, University of Otago
  Melvin Fitting, City University of New York
  John Gallagher, Roskilde University
  Mai Gehrke, Radboud University Nijmegen
  Silvio Ghilardi, University of Milano
  Valentin Goranko, University of the Witwatersrand
  Rajeev Goré, ANU
  Michael R. Hansen, Technical University of Denmark
  Andreas Herzig, IRIT
  Wiebe van der Hoek, University of Liverpool
  Martin Lange, LMU München
  Carsten Lutz, Dresden University of Technology
  Angelo Montanari, University of Udine
  Valeria de Paiva, Cuil Inc.
  Thomas Schneider, University of Manchester
  Carsten Schürmann, IT University of Copenhagen
  Gert Smolka, Saarland University
  Anders Søgaard, University of Copenhagen
  Jørgen Villadsen, Technical University of Denmark
  Frank Wolter, University of Liverpool
  Thomas Ågotnes, Bergen University College

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