[DL] Query: DL and additional Constraint Logic Programming Reasoning

william fitzgerald wfitzgerald at tssg.org
Thu Apr 23 15:22:34 CEST 2009

Dear DL experts,

I am wondering if anyone has developed a tool (or perhaps an api, 
protege plugin etc) that interfaces with a constraint based reasoner 
such as ECLiPLSe.

Currently I have developed a model in OWL-DL and use both Pellet and 
SWRL-Jess reasoning within the Protege ontology editor.

Rather than construct a duplicate of my model within ECLiPLSe in an 
adhoc manner I was hoping there might already exist a tool that can 
either take at least take DL logic as an input or an OWL-DL ontology 
itself whereby I can apply additional ECLiPSe constraint reasoning. (Of 
course I know that like SWRL this kind of reasoning has the potential 
can break the original DL consistent model)

Any pointers or direction is greatly welcomed.

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