[DL] PRNCL 2009 - Workshop on Proofs and Refutations in Non-Classical Logics

Roy Dyckhoff rd at cs.st-andrews.ac.uk
Tue Apr 7 04:46:36 CEST 2009

PRNCL 2009 - Workshop on Proofs and Refutations in Non-Classical Logics
(affiliated with Tableaux 2009)
Call for Papers
July 6, 2009, Oslo, Norway

* There are various ways to design a refutation-based deduction 
system. Deduction systems where refutations completely replace proofs 
as first-class citizens, with a set of rules inductively defining 
refutation trees; systems combining proof-rules and refutation 
mechanisms (or criteria) which can occur at various levels of the 
proof-search process; systems where provability and refutability play 
dual roles, i.e., proofs and refutations are both first-class 
citizens; systems where refutations are understood as mechanisms that 
build counter-models:  for example, semantic information is collected 
and may converge to a counter-model as the search process evolves.

Such approaches are applicable to a wide range of logics like 
sub-structural logics, intermediate logics and their extensions, 
modal or temporal logics, even to type theory. The deduction systems 
can be based on various structures/methods: sequents, tableaux, 
natural deduction, connections, proof-nets, games, etc.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a forum of discussion between 
researchers interested in non-classical logics in the perspective of 
proof and refutation systems.

* Detailed information about topics and submission can be found on 
the web page.

* Program Committee : R. Dyckhoff (Univ. St Andrews, Scotland);
C. Fermueller (T.U. Wien, Austria); D. Galmiche (LORIA - UHP, France);
D. Larchey-Wendling (LORIA - CNRS, France); F. Pfenning (CMU
Pittsburgh, USA); A. Waaler (Univ. Oslo, Norway)

* Important dates: extended abstract submission: May 15, 2009; 
Notification: June 2, 2009.
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