[DL] Launch of the Service-Finder portal for Web Service discovery

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  *** Launch of the Service-Finder portal for Web Service discovery ***

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We would like to announce the release of the alpha version of the Service-Finder portal for Web
Service discovery. We[1] have developed this portal, a prototype for discovering and annotating Web
Services on Web scale, in the scope of the European project Service-Finder[2]. The portal[3] is
embedded into a Web 2.0 environment and is aimed to support the setup of a user community that
adopts and actively contributes to it. On the current alpha version of the portal you can search for
services by doing free-text search or by browsing categories and/or tags.

When is this portal of interest for you? Mainly if:

    * you need to find, test and/or use public Web Services in your daily activities;
    * you are curious to learn more about Web Services and the opportunities that the Web Service
technologies might offer for real-world use cases;
    * you would simply like to play around with the portal and try it out.

We are looking forward to any feedback[4] you want to provide us! This might help in our future work
on further extending and enhancing the portal.

Kind Regards,

the Service-Finder team

P.S.: In the case you have already used seekda's Web Service search engine, you might be wondering
about its relationship to the Service-Finder prototype: Both portals build up on a comparable set of
public Web Service descriptions. The Service-Finder prototype provides extensions with semantic
annotations (e.g. categorization) and Web 2.0 features. Once the Service-Finder technology is
consolidated seekda aims at integrating it into its own portal.

[1] seekda (http://seekda.com) / CEFRIEL (http://www.cefriel.it) / Ontoprise
(http://www.ontoprise.de) / University of Sheffield (http://www.sheffield.ac.uk)

[2] http://service-finder.eu

[3] http://demo.service-finder.eu

[4] http://demo.service-finder.eu/feedback

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