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First Call for papers

                      Special issue of the



                       DESCRIPTION LOGICS


Paper submission:    November 28, 2008
Reviews due:         February 27, 2009
Revised version due: July 24, 2009
Final reviews due:   August 31, 2009
Final version due:   September 30, 2009
Publication date:    January 2010


Description Logics (DLs) are a successful family of logic-based
knowledge representation formalisms, which can be used to represent
the conceptual knowledge of an application domain in a structured
and formally well-understood way. They are employed in various
areas, such as natural language processing, configuration, and
databases, but their most notable success so far is the adoption
as logical underpinning of the web ontology languages OWL and
OWL 2.

Traditionally, DL research places a strong emphasis on reasoning, and
involves a broad spectrum of reasoning problems ranging from classical
ones like satisfiability testing and classification to more novel ones
like explanation and module extraction. These problems are tackled
with a wide array of reasoning techniques including tableau
algorithms, automata-based approaches, and resolution. The purpose of
this special issue is to provide a snapshot of the current research on
reasoning in DLs, covering different approaches ranging from
theoretical to applied work.


This special issue is concerned with all aspects of reasoning in
Description Logics. Topics of interest include the following:

* tableau-based reasoning procedures
* resolution-based reasoning procedures
* automata-based reasoning procedures
* translation-based reasoning procedures
* tractable reasoning in inexpressive DLs
* procedures for non-standard reasoning problems
* complexity of reasoning
* implementation and optimization techniques
* empirical evaluations of reasoning techniques
* application of reasoning in DLs
* tools for engineering and interacting with DL knowledge bases or OWL  
* reasoning techniques for query answering
* reasoning techniques for modularizing ontologies
* non-monotonic extensions of Description Logics


This special issue welcomes original high-quality contributions that
have been neither published in nor submitted to any journals.  Authors
of papers presented at DL 2008 are welcome to submit extended and
revised versions of their papers. However, contributions are not
limited to those based on DL papers; other submissions are welcome as
well. This includes long versions of papers previously published at a
conference, but the journal version must significantly extend the
conference version (e.g., by new results; full proofs for theoretical
papers; more thorough empirical evaluations for practical papers). The
submissions will be refereed according to the usual standards of the
Journal of Automated Reasoning. Electronic submissions (in pdf-format)
should be prepared using the style files at


and submitted to



Carsten Lutz (University of Bremen, Germany)

Ulrike Sattler (University of Manchester, UK)


If you have further questions, please contact the guest editors
by sending an email to "jardl08 at easychair.org".

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