[DL] IJCAR Calls and Awards

Geoff Sutcliffe geoff at cs.miami.edu
Thu May 1 14:09:36 CEST 2008

  IJCAR 2008 - The 4th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning
                 Sydney, Australia, 10th - 15th August, 2008


   Calls for Participation, Calls for Workshop Papers, Student Travel Awards
Call for Participation
Information about IJCAR's astounding program of invited speakers, technical 
papers, workshops, tutorials, competitions, and social events, is available 
from the IJCAR WWW pages - 2008.IJCAR.org. There are 101 reasons to attend 
IJCAR, which are enumerated on the WWW site. Registration, accomodation, and 
travel/visa information is there too. Book your flight to Sydney today!
Calls for Workshop Papers, Tutorial Participation
There will be six workshops and four tutorials before IJCAR, 10th and 11th 
August. See their individual WWW pages, linked from the IJCAR WWW pages, for 
submission and participation information.
+ Workshops
  - The 5th International Verification Workshop (VERIFY'08)
  - Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning (PAAR-2008)
  - Evaluation of Systems for Higher Order Logic (ESHOL)
  - Complexity, Expressibility, & Decidability in Automated Reasoning (CEDAR'08)
  - Constraints in Formal Verification
  - Combining Systems for Efficient and Scalable Reasoning (CoSyScaRe 08)
+ Tutorials
  - Introduction to Nominal Isabelle - Christian Urban
  - Formal Methods in Use at Galois, Inc. - Joe Hurd
  - SMT Solvers in Program Analysis and Verification - Nikolaj Bjorner and 
    Leonardo de Moura
  - Coalgebraic Logics and Applications (COALA) - Dirk Pattinson
Student Travel Awards
Two award schemes that provide sponsorhips to support student attendance at
IJCAR are available. See the IJCAR WWW pages for details.

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