[DL] informal record of DL business meeting at DL 2007

Peter F. Patel-Schneider pfps at research.bell-labs.com
Fri Jun 22 17:55:38 CEST 2007


Here is an informal record of the DL business meeting, held at DL 2007.
Peter F. Patel-Schneider

0/ Steering Committee
 - ongoing members 
    Giuseppe De Giacomo	Università di Roma  	elected 2006-2009
    Carsten Lutz 	TU Dresden		elected 2006-2009
    Bijan Parsia 	Manchester		DL2006 organiser, selected 2006-2009
    Ulrike Sattler 	Manchester		elected 2005-2008
    Frank Wolter 	Liverpool		DL2005 organiser, selected 2005-2008
 - retiring - Volker, David
    Volker Haarslev 	Concordia University 	DL2004 organiser, selected 2004-2007
    David Toman 	Waterloo		elected 2004-2007
 - new members 
  - elect one new member
    nominated: Aditya Kalyanpur, Franz Baader, Rolf Moeller
    elected: Rolf Moeller	Hamburg		elected 2007-2010
  - from DL2007
    Enrico Franconi 	Free University of Bolzano	DL2007 organiser, selected 2007-2010
  - for DL2008
    Franz Baader	Dresden			DL2008 organizer
    Carsten Lutz	Dresden			DL2008 organizer

1/ DL2008 information
    - Dresden, 13-16 May 2008
      - the venue has been reserved for four days, giving flexibility in
	which days to have the workshop
    - general chair: Franz Baader
    - program chair: Carsten Lutz

2/ DL2009 preliminary planning
    - where? - with IJCAI? - Pasadena, 11-17 July
    - in North America, with IJCAI
      - either local to IJCAI or on the East Coast before IJCAI
      - preliminary organizers - Bijan Parsia and Peter F. Patel-Schneider

4/ Other business

   - what to do about future DL workshops
     - current status
        - submissions - lots, acceptance rate high
	- format - presented papers, posters 
		 - all have similar # of pages in proceedings

   - discussion 
     - handling posters
       - some people complained about posters over lunch
       - plan for DL2008 is to have the posters in the entrance hall
          along with the coffee breaks and have them up longer
     - having panels as a replacement for talks
       - this can be nice, but it requires various kinds of extra work 
     - length
       - with so many papers, a longer workshop might be required
       - plan is to have 3 full days for DL2008
	 - 4 days is possible
	 - it is possible to defer this decision somewhat
	   - can't be deferred too late as people have to make travel arrangements
	   - there will be description of the situation made available

   - polling the members
     - strong vote to keep acceptance rate high and extend to 4 days if necessary
     - consensus to arrange for lots more discussion as possible

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