[DL] new "Logics for Ontology Engineering" corner at JLC

Ulrike Sattler sattler at cs.man.ac.uk
Wed Jun 6 11:14:05 CEST 2007

Hi all,

the Journal for Logic and Computation (see http:// 
logcom.oxfordjournals.org/) now has a "corner" (think of it as a sub- 
section) on

          Logic for Ontology Engineering

We cordially invite you to submit suitable papers -- here is our  
description of this corner:

Ontologies are used to enable computers and humans to better  
and reason about the meaning of terms. For example, in the Semantic Web,
terms whose meaning is defined in an ontology can be used to annotate  
accessible information and services, so they can be more easily found  
and used.
Ontologies are now under development and/or in use in areas as  
diverse as geography,
astronomy, defence, the automotive and aerospace industries, and the  
sciences, where they are used to formalize biological and medical  
Various logic-based formalisms and automated reasoning techniques are  
used in order to facilitate such understanding, and in order to help  
the domain
experts to construct, maintain, and use ontologies. The ‘Logic for  
Ontology Engineering’
corner welcomes contributions in the area of logic-based formalisms
for ontology engineering, including the investigation of reasoning  
problems, reasoning
techniques, their implementation, and tool support.

Best regards, Ian Horrocks and Uli Sattler

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