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Andrew Farrow andrew.farrow at rightscom.com
Tue May 15 10:57:52 CEST 2007

Rightscom Ltd is seeking a talented software engineer or a long-term
relationship with a support organization with access to a suitable range
of skills.

The work requires experience in ontologies, semantic web and logic
programming, a good mix of concrete practical skills (scripting, web &
database programming), 'big picture'/theoretical understanding and a
lively interest in lexical (i.e. non-logical) aspects of ontology
building and management.

Duties will include:

(a)         Selection, implementation and development of ontology
management tool(s)

(b)         Data Transformation - taking over the development and
maintenance of a small, but relatively advanced ontology-driven XML
transformation and semantic data integration application, currently
written in XSB prolog.  It is anticipated that future development of the
application will involve non-monotonic reasoning, probably taking
advantage of XSB's well founded semantics.  

(c)         High level ontology design and re-factoring

(d)         Contributing to development of specific solutions for

It is essential for the candidate or organization to be able to
collaborate closely with a small team of very intelligent, but not
mathematically/theoretically oriented people with diverse backgrounds
(including consulting, management, data modelling, domain semantics,
mainstream software development ...).

Solid prolog programming and an in-depth knowledge of OWL and RDF are
essential skills, but in general an ease with advanced
formal/theoretical/ mathematical concepts, the ability to constantly
learn and the understanding of the interrelation between disciplines is
more important than the detailed knowledge of any given subject.

A full job description may be found at

Rightscom (www.rightscom.com <http://www.rightscom.com/> ) is a small
consultancy (15 employees) that specialises in identifying solutions for
the management, trading and protection of intellectual property rights
and digital content in the network environment.


We specialise in the analysis of the impact of changes on the "digital
media content" landscape brought about by upheaval in operational,
technical, commercial and regulatory processes and in the design of the
solutions needed to protect stakeholder value at a time of turbulent


The company is based in London but the job may be suitable for virtual


CV's to Andrew Farrow (andrew.farrow at rightscom.com) or call +44 20 7620
4433 for more information.







tel:    +44 (0)20 7620 4437

m:     +44 (0)780 302 5767


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