[DL] tableau or tableauX ?

Ian Horrocks horrocks at cs.man.ac.uk
Sun Apr 22 14:10:48 CEST 2007

The difference between tableau and tableaux is that tableau is  
singular and tableaux is plural. Regarding inconsistency of usage, I  
am guilty as charged; in my defence I would like to plead the  
inadequacies of the UK education system, at least w.r.t. English  

In fact, when used as an adjective (as in tableau algorithm, or  
tableau decision procedure), I think that the singular form is  
correct (we wouldn't, for example, talk about an apples pie). I think  
that the only time that tableaux is needed is if we are using it as a  
noun and talking about more than one of them. But what would I know :-)


On 18 Apr 2007, at 09:14, Son LeThanh wrote:

> Hi all,
> Maybe my question is considered silly, but I hope that DL community  
> can explain me what is the difference between the word "tableau"  
> and "tableauX" and how to use them.
> For example, in the paper "A Tableaux Decision Procedure for SHOIQ"  
> of Horrock et al., there are phrases:
> - "a tableauX decision procedure"
> - "design of tableauX algorithms"
> - "the SHIQ tableauX algorithm"
> - "The SHOIQ tableau algorithm"
> - "a tableauX algorithm for SHOIQ"
> - "A tableau algorithm for SHOIQ"
> - "the tableau algorithm"
> - "The tableauX expansion rules for SHIQ"
> - "Tableau systems for SHIO and SHIQ."
> If there is no difference between these words, I think there should  
> be a consistency in using words.
> Thank you very much for your help.
> Best regards,
> Son
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